Letter to the Editor – Darlene Walsh Speaks out on Drug Companies – METFORMIN – Cornwall Ontario – September 3, 2010

Dear Editor

I would like to bring to your readerships’ attention to the story on CTV News September 2, 2010.


Readers need to know about a Diabetes medication that can be a great hope for Cancer patients, and to let their MP Guy Lauzon know where they stand on letting people die for the sake of Pharmaceuticals not taking on the responsibility of producing something they have known about for 13 years or more.

They don’t want to produce it because they won’t make any money and that as far as I am concerned is a crime against Humanity!

A  tax of 20-30% should be levied on Pharmaceutical to be directed to research of orphan drugs and the production of these, found to work with greater outcomes and lesser risks to the compromised cancer patients.

Where is the integrity of the heads of these companies and those that are share holders.  They are in fact murdering even their own loved ones by not assisting in the funding of research to further the knowledge of Metformin for the cures of many cancers.

They stand in the way of many discoveries because they stand to lose Billions in other medications that cost so much more like Chemo therapies, that cause more damage than good.  I forwarded an article from the CTV network that gives much of the information needed for your readers to make an informed decision and an e-mail address for our MP Guy Lauzon.

I also challenge those that have lost, and stand to lose family and friends, or have stock in a Pharmaceutical company to look into your portfolio’s to see if you need to rethink your holdings.

Your challenge is to pay attention and write your MP, or e-mail them with your concerns.  Who knows you may save a life. Maybe your own. Voters need to keep informed and not be led by the nose by the parties and hear what they are not saying.

Thank You for giving this information a chance to get to your readers.

Darlene Walsh RPN – Cornwall Ontario

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  1. The challenge with big pharma is they are legally required to increase profits for their shareholders….it’s a business

  2. Thankyou Darlene Walsh and to this paper for letting you spread the news, on why there is no cure for cancer.The number 1 reason is they are making to much money why cure cancer.Endless amounts of money raised all over the world year after year for what bandaid solutions.Why does the Cancer society of Canada not speak up on this issue.I,ll bet you if the good people stopped raising endless amounts of money and spoke up enought is enought their would be a cure for cancer and it won,t take 50 years.Stop the money and a cure will follow.I truely belivie this to be true.

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