Guy Giorno out – is it Election Time Canada? Harper on the Edge of a Majority – Cornwall Ontario – September 3, 2010

Cornwall ON – Now who’s using the old “Rope a Dope”?    Guy Giorno is on his way out as Prime Minister Harper’s numero uno advisor.   His consiglierie in mob terms which is very much what the Harper government has been like during Mr. Giorno’s term in power.

Polls are funny things.   You commission eight rounds and publish the results that best suit your needs.   Mr Harper’s game plan is simple.  If he can’t get a majority in the next election for the Conservative party the knives will be out for him faster than you can say Paul Martin.

Anything short of a majority has to be seen as a failure; especially since Michael Ignatieff has done anything but light up the fires of Canadian’s political aspirations and dreams.

The problem is timing and splash.   What does Mr. Harper have to do to get Mr. Ignatieff to be the one to trigger the election without the Canadian voting public supporting him?   Well for one let’s create the perception of weakness and what better way to do that than float down in polls over issues as benign as the census and maybe replace his hardline Mike Harris guy with one a bit fuzzier and friendlier?

Time will tell over the next few weeks, or months how it all plays out.    In the meanwhile many eyes will be on Ottawa as this bad Greek drama plays out and sadly we Canadians are forced to pay admission.

What do you think Canada?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Stephen Harper is the only leader in Canada, he’s doing it right!

  2. I think the knives are already out for Harper. Any polls I’ve seen in the last few weeks have him losing support. Even if he wins another minority, which is unlikely, he will be toast. Apart from a few hard line Christian fundamentalist nut-bars in his party, like Stockwell Day, VicToews and a few others, he has no friends left.

  3. On the edge of a majority? Latest I heard the Conservatives have dropped 11 points and are now in a dead heat with the Liberals.

    What is a leader, Stan? Harper isn’t one by any stretch of the imagination. Sadly for Canada, no one in a position to make a difference is confronting and exposing him for what he is—an obstinate, bullying know-all. Did you read what he is reported to have said the other day: “I make the rules.” Sorry, Mr. Harper, Canadians make the rules through parliamentary democracy.

  4. Unfortunately, for the last four years Harper HAS been making the rules because we have had no effective “official” opposition. It’s looking like at last we will have one, but don’t hold your breath. We’ll know in the next month or two if the Liberals have finally grown some balls and will start doing what they were elected to do.

  5. Author

    The problem for the current leader of the opposition is that he has given Mr. Harper a free ride. How can he criticize the actions taken by Mr. Harper when his own actions have propped up the Conservative government? And the answer to the reason why? Nothing that benefits Canadians.

  6. I agree completely Jamie. We should have had a coalition government a while ago.

  7. Author

    Furtz we have had a coalition. Mr Ignatieff just preferred a coalition with the Conservatives rather than with the NDP & Bloc.

  8. True, but that sure wasn’t the coalition I had in mind. I guess we’ll know in the next few months whether the Libs are gonna get serious about doing what’s good for Canada. It boggles my mind that someone (party) who got about thirty percent of the votes can make so many fundamental and almost irreversible changes to our country. Our “democracy” seems to be a myth these days.

  9. Furtz, the Conservatives being a minority government they have to have everything rubber-stamped by the Liberals or it doesn’t work. So there is a sort-of coalition leading this country.

  10. Stan, I agree.

  11. “I think I make the Rules” – S.Harper.

    He’s a leader alright lol**

  12. A leader unites; Harper divides.

  13. Ignatief is in no way qualified to be a leader. If Harper could get a majority, maybe he could get something done for this country, as he is the only leader who looks out for rural Canadians. Liberals have been trying to dis-credit Harper as having a “hidden agenda”. I Believe it wasn’t too long ago that Paul Martin and Jean Cretien were the center of the biggest scandel in Canadian politics history.

  14. Author

    what a load of crap SM – Mr Harper doesn’t give a crap about rural Canadians any more than he does about Urban ones. There are tons of MPs across this country in rural ridings doing a great job, and not all of them are Conservatives.

  15. Has smee changed his/her name to SM? And where the hell is Tammy.

  16. Not to mention that Brian Mulroney was also involved in his own scandal before Cretien and Martin. Hell its hard to trust anyone in parliament anymore.

  17. I agree with SM that Ignatieff is no leader.. what a wishy washy tool.. but Harper is no leader either, and I am a staunch supporter of that fact… he think’s he is, but 1 in 5 people voted that tool in… that says a lot..

    either way, all of these leaders had their losing and winning points..

    And whoever things Diefenloser did good for this country, I remind you all of the Avro Arrow… we caved to the US on that like we caved over the softwood lumber deal like Harper did… both massive losers as far as I’m concerned!!

  18. SM says “If Harper could get a majority, maybe he could get something done for this country, as he is the only leader who looks out for rural Canadians.”

    Is that why Guy ran away as soon as mention of pension reform took place? yeah, thats definitely good representation for our area… Oh wait, maybe Guy had to submit paperwork to be able to talk…

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