Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – Transformation of Summer to Autumn – Cornwall Ontario – September 6, 2010

Cornwall ON – The transformation of summer to autumn is upon us.  The fall asters are dotting our landscapes with purple, the grass has slowed its growth rate and the Sumacs are beginning their change from green to crimson.  Harvest time is upon us as is evidenced by the bounty of products available at our local fruit and vegetable stands, supermarkets and orchards.  Do enjoy this fresh bounty while it is available and support our local producers so that they are able to continue in work that they are passionate about and that we continue to have the security and benefit of home grown food.

This is the time of year to consider the small maintenance items which can be updated in your home to insure you are getting the maximum benefit from the money you will be spending on home heating this winter.  Caulking leaks around your windows and doors, replacing old caulking, insulating your electrical switch plates (which can be a huge source for letting in drafts and dust into your living space) will produce savings and comfort over the winter months.

Check with your local hardware store on the steps and products you can incorporate to your benefit today.  These small investments can equal big rewards.

South Glengarry will be hosting an Eco-fair Saturday, September 18 in conjunction with their Hazardous Waste Day; 119 Military Rd., Smithfield Park, Lancaster, 8 am to Noon.  The Hazardous Waste collection is for South Glengarry residents only however everyone is welcome to attend the Eco-fair.  You might discover a new enviro-tip.  For more information contact Angie Parker at
613-347-7597 or
“When is the best time to plant a tree?  20 years ago. The next best time is today.”~Chinese Proverb
Early fall can be a great time for planting trees.  If you have room on your property and this is something that interests you, visit one of our local Garden Centers to see what is available and the care required to plant a new tree today.  This small gesture will benefit you, your neighbours, and our environment for generations to come.
On that note, there is a “Celebration of Trees” exhibit during the month of September in the Seaway News Building’s front display window at 29 Second St. E., Cornwall, ON.  This Family Friendly Exhibit is accessible 24/7 and invites the viewer to discuss the many benefits of trees to us and our world.

I stumbled upon an amazing Oil painting by Olga Gorbacheva this past week entitled “Mermaid”.  She is an Artist from Nizhniy Novgorod, Ni – Russian Federation. I guess what struck me most about this image is the obvious love and caring that this child is showing to this frog with the embrace and the obvious look of genuine love.

Amazingly powerful image.  If each of us could feel such wonder and love towards all the living things we share this fragile planet with, a healthy planet would be the result. An image is worth a thousand words so Olga was contacted for permission to share this image with Earth Matters readers.  Ogla’s response to this request was, “I think people should concern to the nature carefully and if my picture remind that the world is fragile I will be glad.”  Thank you Olgla for creating and sharing this beautiful, honest work with us.  You may view more of Olga’s work at

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  1. “Amazingly powerful image. If each of us could feel such wonder and love towards all the living things we share this fragile planet with, a healthy planet would be the result”. Jacqueline Milner, I asked you once before, forgive me, but I don’t recall if you ever answered me, are you pro-life or pro-abortion?

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