Is Traci Trottier now working Illegally in the US? Cornwall Ontario – September 13, 2010

Cornwall ON – So is Traci Trottier now working illegally in the US?  Generally a work visa is necessary in the US for anyone to perform, and they are not quickly acquired?

Ms Trottier has been very busy from being escorted by police from Corus to signing with to jumping in spite of her contract to work for the US station over the border that loves to grab Canadian sponsors without having to pay any fees or licenses like the rest of we Canadian media.  All that in less than six weeks!

What do you think Cornwall and Massena?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Why don’t all you guys here do something useful for the community and residents of Cornwall like finding out (that’s called investigating in the trade) who the individuals are who are currently making about four grand a night stealing electric cycles? Do you have any idea how long it takes someone to save up to buy one of those things? Can you really appreciate how much breaking labour it takes the average mill worker around here to get one, to see it go poof over night and then come here and read this twaddle? Everybody should grow a pair. Anybody ever heard of a ‘bait program’? Maybe that’s too complicated. Sorry if I sound angry. I just think it would ok once and awhile use that pillory in front of the old jail for bike thieves. Does that make me morally bad?

  2. Orson you are not morally bad but what does your comment have to do with Traci Trottier illegally breaking her contract with CFN? She’s morally bad!

  3. Very valid question FM FAN.

    Traci, you urged commenters to contact you with questions.
    Why don’t you clear it up – why were you escorted out of the Corus building by police?

  4. Traci you don’t deserve to be posted. You are a liar and a cheat. Why did the police escort you from Corus? I’m sure Jamie will post that!

  5. Unfortunately Jamie doesn’t know the facts like he claims. Not into name calling. Again…Jamie can post my personal email address… would love to correspond…but certainly not on this site.

  6. Author

    The Cornwall Free News doesn’t tolerate SPAM. If any party wishes to connect with our viewers please contact our advertising department?

  7. SPAM??

  8. I think he meant BS (bullsh*t)

  9. Here’s a suggestion – how about if Jamie and Traci spoke on the phone and AGREED on something to be posted here, an explanation, rather than finger pointing, etc. Ofter such press releases and announcements are made by high profile people in the news. Just a thought, maybe it wouldn’t work, but perhaps worth a try.

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