Acid Laced Gummy Bears Found in Cranbrook BC – September 13, 2010

Cornwall ON – Some wacky folks in BC have been lacing Gummy Bears with LSD.    I’m not sure what to think of that?????  I’m kinda surprised that Acid is still that popular?  With the way that certain strains of Marijuana are cranked up the acid business would’ve dried up?


Police first became aware of the trend in the spring when, during a drug raid, they discovered a suspicious looking bag of gummie bears. The bears were sent to a lab for testing and results showed they contained Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD).

“LSD is a psychedelic drug, that affects the brain, often causing psychological problems that alter the thinking process.

I just can’t get my ahead around someone peddlin acid laced Gummy Bears.    So if you see some in small plastic baggies that’s probably a big giveaway that there may be more than gum and sugar in them.      So far no Acid Bears have been reported in Cornwall.

What do you think Canada?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Oh it’s coming! It won’t take the local druggies too much time before they start selling these drugs to our children. Some kids might die or be severely brain-handicapped after using LSD. I think all drug dealers should be shot!

  2. ” >I think all drug dealers should be shot! ”

    You, “sir”, are a violence preaching idiot. Your lack of knowledge on the subject is clear.

    LSD is not sold or pushed to “children”. Young adults perhaps, but so what ?

    The packaging is not intended to lure children.

    Nobody has ever died directly from LSD. Yeah, perhaps a few stupid accidents, just the same as booze, and lost attention while driving and cell phoning.

    I’ll choose what I put in my body (which is none of your business) and you in yours.

    And yes, I still don’t like the age old idea of dealers hooking kids on hard addictive stuff, like cocaine, meth, heroine etc. But that is the exception rather than the rule.

    Legalization/decriminalization with controls the same for booze or cigarettes is the answer IMO. True addiction is a health care issue, not a legal one.

  3. Mikey just reading your post shows everyone who is the true preaching idiot. You state “The packaging is not intended to lure children” please tell us how you know that? One of my boys was sold a lid at age eleven and who do you think eats gummi bears? Kids! You donkey anus!

  4. LSD is a public service. What Mikey says. ‘You can be anyone you want this time around.’

  5. Nice immature insult there, Harry. The original CTV article says that the gummy bears are for personal use and they’re not being given away or sold to minors or anyone for the matter. Harry, you need to relax because these acid laced gummy bears aren’t coming to Cornwall any time soon.

  6. Actually Harry there is quite a lot of evidence to show that the packaging that LSD goes into – over the years, cartoon character blotters, stamps etc. is part and parcel of the drug sub culture scene. Indeed much of it is now considered ‘art’. There is also a lot of evidence that dealers purposely luring kids to get them hooked (LSD is not addictive in any case – not as normally understood and ceratinly not quickly). This will be an example of either a) attempting to hide the drugs; b) (most likely) providing a good/acceptable/cool way to ingest the drug. Kids were not involved and there have been no reports of kids (children not young adults) being given or sold LSD in this (or almost any other way). This ‘panic’ links to one of the all time drug hoax’s (acknowledged as a hoax by the DEA no less: ) regarding LSD/dangerous transfers and info can be found at:

  7. If LSD is not packaged for kids how come they use to make it look like disney and cartoon characters when producing blotter in the 70’s and 80’s. I cannot comment on how it is all produced now cuz tinkerbell really messed me at a party and call that a crappy experience. The benefits of having a group of people slipping a mickey into everyones drinks.

    Now I am not too sure Mikey but this statement reminds me of substance abuse “Nobody has ever died directly from LSD. Yeah, perhaps a few stupid accidents,” So did or didnlt they die?

    Dude you are talking to people here that lived through the sixties seventies and early eighties. In hind sight I can assure you some people will agree LSD is not meant to be.

  8. Cornwall harry, a lid?? I still have no idea how many joints are in a lid..offficially. Can you comment?

  9. LMAO!!! Just like the myth about “Pink Candy Speed” that was supposedly marketed to kids. Or the claim that dealers hang around primary schools and dish out free heroin to get kids hooked so they remain a client for life. It’s all just fairy tales.

    LSD is put in lollies to make it easy to handle and ingest. It’s that simple.

    Harry needs to take a Bex, have a glass of sherry and then have a good lie down.

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