James Borer C.D. to Run for School Trustee – Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario for Dundas and Stormont Counties – September 13, 2010

Cornwall ON – James Borer C.D. is running as trustee for the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario representing Dundas and Stormont Counties.

Students, Families and Taxpayers of Stormont and Dundas Counties deserve an engaged school trustee who will listen and represent them by being their voice within the board.  This means having a trustee who is personally connected to the issues.  Someone who can understand the issues, connect with voters and achieve results.  It means being a leader while working as part of the team.  If elected as your next trustee I will work tirelessly to bring my proven track record of service, dedication and getting things done to the board.  Our future lies in the youth of today.

I have spent the past 20 years of my life serving Canadians and my community as a soldier in the Canadian Forces as well as volunteering with other charitable organizations.  Over the past few years I have served as a volunteer within the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario as a member of the Special Education Advisory Committee.  We have faced some difficult challenges over finances and how to best support our students.  I believe there will be more to come.  I will be your voice and am comfortable standing up for what I believe in, as my record within the board demonstrates.

Over the next 4 years I will continue to be dedicated towards ensuring that our students, our children have the best opportunities for learning and growing to become our future.  By working as part of the board of trustees, I will bring new energy and ideas to our Catholic Education System.  I will listen to you and through understanding your concerns be able to properly represent the voters within my area.  I will keep you informed on important issues, in a timely manner, employing new strategies to communicate the information. We all want schools were students and staff feel safe and respected so that they are happy to come and share in the learning experience.

We must do everything possible to ensure that all students have what they need within the Catholic Education system we believe in.  This means working with and advocating to the provincial government.  It also means being innovative in seeking and forming new partnerships with other organizations and businesses within our area.  I look forward to the opportunity of serving as your trustee.

James Borer C.D.

  • Co-Chair of the Special Education Advisory Committee
  • Co-Chair of the Parent Advisory Committee at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario
  • Member of the Executive Board of Directors for VOICE, A children’s not for profit charity
  • CEO of Noble Enterprises Canada, a local Philanthropic Corporation
  • Serving member of the Canadian Forces

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  1. As someone that’s had the pleasure of getting to know James over the past few years, I am delighted to see him dedicate his considerable talents to the community. I first met James while he was spearheading an initiative to raise awareness within the provincial government of the challenges facing deaf and hard of hearing children in Ontario. Thanks to his leadership and the dedicaiton and passion he brought to the cause, there are now high-level discussions ongoing about what can be done to help address those issues.

    In these tough times, it’s going to take innovative thinking and tough decision making to ensure the kids of Stormont and Dundas have the quality of education they deserve. James is the kind of leader who will listen to colleauges, teachers, parents and the students themselves, and work with them to find the right solutions.


    Craig Carter-Edwards

  2. If this is the same James Borer from who served in a Reg. in Hamilton and lived in Ft. Erie, whom my wife and I met in the Dominican, please contact me!!


  3. Eric,
    He’s trying to distant himself from the political fallout of the lieberals and thier numerous taxpayer funded screwups .
    His stripes remain very red indeed,but he can’t hide from that fact.

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