Earth Matters by Jacqueline Milner – Clean Water and Let’s Buy Canadian! – Cornwall Ontario – September 20, 2010

Cornwall ON – How fortunate we are to have clean, running water at our disposal whenever we need it.  My close encounter with the ‘Water for Life’ organization this past Saturday at a wonderful fund raising gala evening at NAV Canada reminded me how blessed we all are.  We have clean, running water at our immediate disposal for any and all of our needs.
A gentleman from Uganda spoke of his daily lengthy trips as a child, on foot, to gather water for the daily needs of his family.  These long trips are a daily requirement and necessity of women, children and men, often without shoes over rough terrain on a daily basis…even today.  Many a foot scarred and missing toenails serve as testament to the daily work and effort required to supply ones need for water in Africa.

Enter ‘Water For Life’.  ‘Water for Life’ works closely with the Canada Africa Community Health Alliance.  CACHA works to fill the basic needs of people in Africa by helping with agriculture know-how, education, skills training, school supplies and medical equipment.  ‘Water for Life’ alleviates the daily trek and lengthy time taken of ones day to have access to daily water requirements.
New wells and water holding tanks insure villages have clean water when required.  This gift also gives people additional time to spend on education, agricultural expertise, building, skills training and rest for the weary and sick.  Carol Lalonde and her ‘Water for Life’ colleagues are passionate about their work and welcome interested parties who would like to help them with this project.
Their next fundraiser is a dinner theatre project with the Cow Patti Theatre.  For more information about this organization, their upcoming fund raising projects or how you can help, kindly contact Carol at (613) 932-0550.

We are heading into a major buying season for many with school back in full swing, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I realize people are having to stretch that dollar as far as possible just to stay above water.  Stretching that dollar can still include products that are made in Canada and made and sold locally.  Really!

An e-mail was sent to me today talking about buying made in Canada products.  How someone had found that items such as light bulbs, hose attachments, toothpaste and chocolate bars were the same or less money for items made in Canada.

Yes it might mean changing from a name brand to a value brand; yes you may even have to change from one name brand to another.  Isn’t it worth it to support Canadian and North American workers and companies?  Isn’t it worth keeping the jobs here?  I think so.
My challenge to you is to check the labels on the everyday items that you purchase…particularly your grocery items…really!  You would be surprised to find everyday items such as pickles and pet food are made over seas.  Support our businesses, sustain our ability to support and feed ourselves by purchasing Made in Canada products.


  1. Hi Jacqueline,

    Thanks for the great post. I totally agree with you. My team and I have created a website to showcase products made in Canada and have built a successful business around it. Please visit and see some of the great products that are still being made in this country. Consumers can buy online or in-store, and even ask us to look for something specific! New items are added every day!

    I hope you enjoy it.

    Kind regards,
    Isabelle Remy

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