How will the internet impact our municipal elections? Cornwall Ontario – September 20, 2010

Cornwall ON – The internet age is hitting Cornwall Ontario this municipal election.   Actually it’s hitting  a lot of places.   You see politicians having their own websites, facebook pages, and advertising in places that they’ve never done so before.

It’s all about getting their message out and communicating and the net does seem to have a penchant for being the fastest way to communicate with pools of people large and small.

It should be interesting to see how this impacts the elections here in Cornwall.    Many an old political hand has shaken their head for example over who’s leading our council poll,but I’ve seen a few candidates post on Facebook for example asking their friends to vote for them.

Will that be any different in the actual election?    Web pages or websites are much more important as they are essentially your online office.

Some of the ones I’ve seen show that whoever put them together didn’t quite know what the purpose of the site is and of course the short window of time of that purpose requires special consideration.

If first impressions count when a politician takes the stage so too does the publics first glance at a  candidates website especially if the candidate hopes to get their message viewed.

And of course if a web presence isn’t easily searchable online that too can reduce it’s impact.

It’s interesting to see the street signs starting to fill up in Cornwall.   Some candidates have printed close to 1000.   Our debates start on and there are three other all candidates debates to be held here in the city.

We also will be rolling out profiles of the candidates and will be having a special treat to be announced shortly.

Keep watching and listening to The Cornwall Free News & for the latest in local and regional political coverage during this busy municipal election season and for more information or to place your political campaign ad contact us at or via our hotline 613.361.1755

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Good luck to all of the candidates!

Mark McDonald Kilger for Mayor Schnitzels


  1. You need to bring the message to the voter, for example a large ad before the facebook or google type site loads. Some people do not care about any level of government, even though their tax dollars are at risk.

    Working the federal election poll a couple of years ago, a man came in and was shocked that a BloQ MP was not listed for him to check off. I am glad he came out to vote, but did he look at any of the candidates names/policies/parties before coming in? No!

  2. I think it will be a great tool.. such as being able to remind everyone about what council members are wanting a 38% raise for doing nothing basically..

    (and I get a good laugh from the ad on top of CFN)
    Bob Kilger
    Leadership – Maybe but I haven’t really seen it.. same within the Liberal party..
    Progress – What progress? Not like Brockville
    Momentum – See above statement. What momentum? for a few people maybe, what about the masses?
    Growth – 46000 and stable for 25 years.. what growth?
    Accountability – yeah, at least he was able to show that he donated taxpayer funded expense accounts to balls, golfing, and charities, etc, just so that he can make sure he gets the same or more for his expense account next year..
    Results – Do you all see results? I think its time for a change so we can compare what someone else can do for results!!

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