Gary W. Samler, Candidate for Council in Cornwall Ontario opens campaign office – announces Spaghetti Dinner Fund Raiser – Friday September 24th, 2010

Cornwall ON – Gary W. Samler is having a Spaghetti Supper Fund Raiser for his upcoming election campaign.

WHO:  Gary W. Samler
WHAT: Campaign Fundraising Spaghetti Dinner
WHEN: Friday, Sept. 24th, /10  4:00- 8:00 pm.
WHERE: ANAF Club, 14 Marlborough St. (at Montreal Road)
WHY: Campaigns Cost Money
HOW: $5.00 at Door Children under 5 free Cost is for food, fun,
fellowship and prizes, 50/50 draw and Meet our candidate.
Everyone is welcome. Come meet our candidate, have a great
homecooked meal and enjoy your evening.
Spaghetti: Regular Italian, Vegetarian plate and w/o onion options
Ceasar Salad, Bread Roll, Desserts Coffee/ Tea  Juice for kids
Drinks/ Beer, Wine, Alcohol served at Bar at Cost.

Gary W. Samler opened up his offiice at 1700 Walton Street, Unit 48, Cornwall, for his Campaign team to help Gary run for a seat to Cornwall City Council in next months Municipal elections.

Hours 9:30 am- 8:00 pm daily or visit his website at for more info.


  1. yea *l* a pre election stunt no doubt. Now let us see how many gullable people vote for him

  2. I’ve spoken to him personally on a number of occasions and have found him to be a person of substance with great ideas for the future of Cornwall. I’d vote for him rather than some of the others, anytime!

  3. Smee: My homeless adventure was not about my campaign. It was about educating the people of Cornwall that there is an issue of homelessness in our city. If you were to ask around from people that know me you would find I am a caring person who has devoted his live to eradicating poverty and homelessness in our city.I was working as an advocate for Poverty before I entered the run for Council.and will continue to work for poverty regardless of winning or not. Until someone in Government opens their eyes and ears to see how hard the citizens of Cornwall are affected and decides to take action then my work will not be done. Drop by my office to see for yourself that I am sincere and not playing for votes. If you think voting for someone who really cares about people and will take action for our council to change Then go ahead and vote for inaction and unaccountability and selffishness then go vote for some of the other candidates and get more of the same of what we unfortuneately had to live with over the past 4 years. Then don’t whine to me or the CFN.

  4. smee is too much like harper, help the rich instead of the poor and make anyone look bad that may be a threat to the old boys club.. Mr. Samler, all the best of luck to you.. you have my vote any day as well!

  5. Gary wrote: Then go ahead and vote for inaction and unaccountability and selffishness then go vote for some of the other candidates and get more of the same of what we unfortuneately had to live with over the past 4 years. – WHICH CANDIDATES ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?

  6. Devils Advocate, perhaps look into candidates that wanted to vote themselves a 38% raise for one..

  7. Devils Advocate, why don’t you check out the ones who get sore bums, and therefore can’t think properly unless they get $700 (?) ergonomic chairs?

  8. Bwahahah!!! I bet I know who you’re talking about The Watcher… 😉

  9. GaryWith all the information and media outletes available do you honeslty believe people are igmoremt ot homelesness?
    I am not sure about you, but personally I do not have to eat crap to know it is not healthy.

  10. Smee if there are really people aware of the amount of people in Cornwall who are living below the poverty level, and who are sofa surfing because they have no home and eating what you call crap then why do these informed people not do something constructive to help those in our Community who are in need. I am sincerly one who cares for them and am trying to educate those I feel may be ignorant to get something going to help the poorer people in our community. As an advocate for poverty eradication and helping the homeless I can try my best to give the misfortuneates in our Community a voice and I have ideas to help but also most oF our poor are sick now, tired and have lost faith in those in power who say they are going to do something to help them and after they get in join the OLD BOYS CLUB and forget their constituents and voters. If I have to eat crap to help these people homeless or living poor I will do so gladly.

  11. Gary
    What about the people which are now on a pension or living belwo the poverty line, strictly because they are too lazy to work? How do you propose to stop these people from abusing said system? Maybeif you fix that first there will more money and understanding for the reuly needy. Quit going to the well until you can fix the leak. Do not blame government either. If they implement laws and rules for cash for life people you can rest assured it will cost us more in tax dollars for all kinds of political nonsense and legal issues.

    How many of the people you are concerned about are living as they do by choice?

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