Spaghetti Fund Raiser at the Army Navy Club in Cornwall Ontario for Gary W. Samler – Friday September 24, 2010

Cornwall ON – Gary W. Samler is having a Spaghetti Dinner Fund Raiser Friday September 24th at the Army Navy Club at the corner of Montreal Road and Marlborough in Cornwall Ontario from 4-8 PM!   For more information about Gary and his campaign click either banner to go to his website.

WHO:  Gary W. Samler
WHAT: Campaign Fundraising Spaghetti Dinner
WHEN: Friday, Sept. 24th, /10  4:00- 8:00 pm.
WHERE: ANAF Club, 14 Marlborough St. (at Montreal Road)
WHY: Campaigns Cost Money
HOW: $5.00 at Door Children under 5 free Cost is for food, fun,
fellowship and prizes, 50/50 draw and Meet our candidate.
Everyone is welcome. Come meet our candidate, have a great
homecooked meal and enjoy your evening.
Spaghetti: Regular Italian, Vegetarian plate and w/o onion options
Ceasar Salad, Bread Roll, Desserts Coffee/ Tea  Juice for kids
Drinks/ Beer, Wine, Alcohol served at Bar at Cost.


  1. I would like to thank my wife, my family, friends, the volunteers and my team for putting on this fundraising event for me. Gang you are all so awesome The food was great and the few that did show up for support thank you so very much Although the turnout was disappointing and the night a financial disaster for me it was also a political eye opener.I took a hit but I am not out yet as I am still able to help out the poorer citizens of Cornwall Something I truely value, the need to help our cities victims of poverty and I will continue working on. I would sincerely like to congratulate Mark Macdonald for having his successful event the same night as mine. You know why I couldn’t be there.The values I share with him for change, for youth retention, for working to ease the burden of poverty and attracting new and young to get out and vote were shown at his event. My wife worked so hard and she is an amzing woman and I cannot thank her enough for all she has done. For those who could not make it is OK I think I still have spaghetti left over. I still need your support and team time to refocus to show the old Dads club Cornwall needs to change progressively for our future to grow and all the people have to be heard and not just those who can afford to keep the poorer down. Get out to vote we can still make change now or we can move in the current direction to become a place for people to come to die where poverty will be overlooked and become the only thing growing in our city.To those who gave me prizes for my event thak you also so very much. I was able to give back something to the friends who came for support and care and mean alot to me.

  2. Lets vote in a completely new council. With Mark at their head, we’ll get more bang for our buck. The new people will be wanting to please, we can’t lose!

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