The Trouble With Tracy – Cornwall Ontario – September 24, 2010

Cornwall ON – Called the worst television show in history by some; I have very fond memories of this show.   I was six when it came out and remember watching it “before” school in the mornings.

130 episodes were made in those early days of Canadian content.   CTV, then fledgling, needed programming and with almost no budget cranked out 7 epidsodes per 5 day week based on revised old radio scripts.


The star was Diana Nylund’s mini skirts although I got a crack out of cousin Paul played by the late Franz Russell.   Steve Weston played….Doug Young, also deceased, Tracy’s husband, and of course there was no studio audience, but a laugh track.

The series was shot at the CFTO studios in Toronto.


Do you remember The Trouble with Tracy Cornwall and Canada?  You can post your comments below.


  1. what does this have to do with Tracey?

  2. I remember the program and I remember her mini-skirts. It was a moderately entertaining time waster.

    Smee – what’s your problem?

  3. Sorry Reg I do not follow what the mini skirt issue has to do with Jamie’s posts about Tracey the news redio lass he is having issues with??

  4. smee, as if you don’t understand this, “The Trouble with Tracy” was the name of the TV show… I thought you were more educated then that..

  5. Please note the article says Tracy and not Tracey. Wake up smee!

  6. @grimalot

    You wrote: “…I thought you were more educated then that.” Of course, it should read “…I thought you were more educated THAN that.” Then refers to time, while than is used in comparisons.

    Now, I don’t usually comment on grammar in online discussions but it’s pretty ironic that you would attack someone for being uneducated in the same sentence that you confuse THAN and THEN.

  7. Grinalot
    Are we to understand you base the intelligence of a person based on their knowledge of television? Must be a Cornwall thing

  8. You’re absolutely correct on my grammar mistake Jim. Thanks for pointing it out. 😉

  9. I’m thinking it’s Traci with an “i”.

  10. Sorry Grimalot, my education has little to do with television

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