Habs Win 3-2 Without Price in Net…again – Detroit over Rangers 5-3 – NHL SCORES – Cornwall Ontario- September 26, 2010

Cornwall ON – There was good news for Habs fans tonight.   They won, which is what they’re supposed to do.  When you’re the Montreal Canadiens it’s like being the NY Yankees in baseball.   Losing is not acceptable.

Ryan O’Byrne put up a +2 for the game, one that was all Habs although the score made it look closer than it should’ve.

Alex Auld picked up his second win between the pipes, but frankly he’s not going to be a Jaroslav Halak and that is a major concern for Habs fans.

Yes, Halak was traded away, but there were many who thought Price would be too.   The pressure on this situation just makes it look like a no win situation and in today’s hockey you have to maximize the asset values of your contracts.

Yes contracts.   Scott Gomez at 7M isn’t worth as much as Mr. Gomez at 4M.   Carey Price is going to be a great NHL goalie.  I don’t think he’s going to be a great Montreal Canadiens goalie and if the team tries to stubborn it out I have a hunch they’re going to simply waste time.

In the cap world you look at three year windows.  Right now you’ve got Gomez, Cammallieri, and Gionta as your three year window.   You’ve got PK Subban and some other strong talent coming down the pipes.  You have some good assets.

Montreal missed out the boat when you look at some of the talent that was available.  Frankly I’m shocked that Price is still in net for Montreal.

The good news for today is that the team won.  They doubled the shots on Minnesota.   Mr. Latendresse did not score a goal.  Max Pacioretty picked up 2 assists, and Ian Schultz may becoming a fan favorite especially if he’s happy to drop the gloves.

I hope that Pierre Gauthier takes some deep breaths and assesses his goal tending situation and gets a better #2 or 1B; maybe even bringing back former Hab Jose Theodore if he can’t pull off a trade.

In other NHL Scores Detroit Clipped the Rangers 5-3; Edmonton destroyed Vancouver 8-2   St. Louis shut out Colorado 2-0.

What do you think about Montreal’s goalie dilemma?  You can post your comments below.

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