Sara Murphy Debuts Single “Just One Bite” on – Tuesday September 28, 2010 at 9:00AM EST

Cornwall ON – It’s no secret that we love the local music scene here in Cornwall Ontario.    It’s amazingly strong and talented, but under appreciated.   After four years here in Cornwall I’m not sure why, but what I am sure of is that I love exposing the world to some of what we’ve got!

We’re proud to be releasing Sara Murphy’s first single from her upcoming EP  “Bite” Tuesday morning on     We’re going to open our Political Round Table show at 9:00AM with “Just One Bite”.

We’ll be having Sara on a segment of either Jason Setnyk’s Cornwall Underground or if we can finally land the right host the Local Music Show we’ve been trying to get on air for a few months now.

Sara wrote the song and did the vocals.  It was recorded and produced by Todd Huckabone at his studio at Chelsea Quebec and I want to give him and David Cain of Soundmaster Studios in Ottawa Kudos for an amazing job of production and mastering as the sound quality was brilliant.

They took what Sara had to offer and cranked it to 11.

Todd also contributed Guitar, bass, percussion, and backing vocals while Steph  MacAlear contributed on the Djembe.

The EP will be available soon on and iTunes, and through Sara’s website

She’s going green and will forego wasteful CD packaging. The EP will be sold through digital distribution. Download cards will be available for purchase at her performances.

To listen live Tuesday morning at 9:00 AM EST just click on or the banner below.  You have to have a flash player to listen and click F5 to clear your cache if you have any issues.

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