Cornwall Ontario City Council for Monday September 27, 2010 – 3+1 Arena Named – Dogs in Lamoureux Parc Deferred

Cornwall ON – Council was a short session tonight.   No major business; a few ruffled feathers and no dogs in Lamoureux Parc until the next group of council.

The big news was the naming of the 3+1 Arena.

Cornwall’s new multi sport facility finally has a name : The Benson Centre.

One of Ontario’s leading autoparts companies, the Benson Organization, has purchased the naming rights to the facility for 12 years at a cost of $600,000. The agreement was approved by Cornwall City Council this evening.

“It is truly an honour for the Benson Organization to partner with the City of Cornwall to ensure future generations have a first class facility that they can call their own,” said Marty Benson. “This facility also allows us to welcome people from all across Ontario and even Canada to participate in local, provincial or national competitions ensuring Cornwall continues to be a top destination for athletics.”

“We’re proud to call the City of Cornwall our home,” continued Mr. Benson.  “It’s because of the support the community gives to us that we are in a position to give back. We’re excited about contributing to a project that benefits kids and people of all ages, background or athletic ability.”

“This is an historic day for the City of Cornwall,” said Mayor Bob Kilger, “The Benson family’s actions today are the final pieces of the puzzle that delivers a sports facility which has been funded in a very responsible and progressive manner. The Benson Centre will serve the people of this City and region for decades to come, and it’s name creates an important legacy for the Benson family and their team of dedicated employees.”

Funding for the $32.5 million multi-sport facility was secured with financial contributions totalling $18.4 million from the Government of Canada and Province of Ontario. The City of Cornwall’s contribution was offset with a community fundraising effort that had a goal to raise $2 million from corporate and personal donations. The purchase of naming rights by Benson pushes the fundraising effort over its goal.

“The Benson Family would like to thank Mayor Bob Kilger, Council, City administration and the 3+1 Fundraising Committee for inviting us to participate in this project,” added Mr. Benson. “This milestone is a great example of what can be accomplished with a team effort.”

“Hats off to the Benson family for what we think is a very strategic investment,” said Scott Lecky, Chair of the 3+1 Fundraising Committee. “This facility will be host to dozens of tournaments and the Benson brand will be front and centre to thousands of hockey and soccer families.”

About the Benson Organization
The Benson Organization operates a network of strategically located auto part retail outlets in Ontario and Quebec.

The company’s headquarters are located in the Cornwall Business Park where it also maintains a 150,000 square foot distribution centre. Benson maintains the most comprehensive inventory of any auto parts jobber in Ontario both in brand name and more modestly priced generic brands.

Benson is 100% Canadian owned.

About the Multi-Sport Facility

The new Cornwall Sports Centre is being constructed on a 15 acre parcel of land between Seventh Street and Second Street, just west of Brookdale Avenue.  The facility will include:

  • 3 NHL Sized Rinks
  • Field House with Walking Track
  • Tennis Court
  • Community Room
  • Concession
  • Mezzanine with view of Arenas and Field House

As well as a positive economic impact for Cornwall and the surrounding area, this new facility will encourage area residents to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and most importantly, provide local youth with a “world of possibilities” in athletics.

The facility is on schedule to be in operation by May 1st, 2011. As the structure of the sports centre continues to take shape, people can follow the construction progress via photos posted regularly on

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  1. Glad to hear the good news! Benson is a great community partner and is a very giving company. This is what happens when you support local business…they give back to their community, because they can! Keep shopping in Cornwall and we will have more BIG projects like this supported by local businesses…because they can! Shop in Ottawa and Montreal and guess what…those big city’s can build their Big arenas…because they can with our money!

  2. why do they defer everything? Is it better to use these issues as a campaign strategy?

    Another question regarding the new zoning that was done. None of the ideas were new, they can all be traced back to early 2000 and 2002. It was shot down by council for what ever reasons at that time.

    I noticed it was kind of splotchy and random areas with different designations. This could be a nightmare for land owners and potential developers. I also noticed the Big Ben Ski Hill, aka Cornwall city industrial contaminated recreational area, was not addressed nor was there any mention of future plans for ths site nor was Domtar brownfields mentioned.

    The whole big ben thing is kind of comical at best. Cornwall city website shows Big Ben as “Located in the heart of Cornwall, “Big Ben” offers downhill skiing and snowboarding throughout the winter months. Group and private ski and snowboard lessons are also offered. No rental equipment available.”

    Has anyone ever been to the less cared for areas in South America, in places like Peru and Brazil. The poor live in dumps because it is easier to find the necessities for life. However in some areas they have cleaned it and made the areas livable. In some cases the foods are composted and now exists huge gardens which provide lush and fertile soils to grow their food.

    What do we have in Cornwall
    Bob Kilger and Big Ben. A combination setting Cornwall one step closer to living in the dumps. Maybe we can meet early December and do some Christmas shopping,

  3. Sorry forgot Thanx Benson, it is a step back to what built Cornwall, support from local businesses.

    Now we should address places in the industrial park as well, places such as Sigma Point, Prince foods and Advantech.

  4. Though I have no bad words for Benson, this should have been called “The Hapless Taxpayers Arena”, in commemoration of all the taxpayers that were bilked to have it built.. then they have the gall to go and look for sponsorships after the fact and charge even more? Guess they need to try to hide all the additional costs that are going to go into this place..

    Im with Colleen as well, this will be of more benefit to externals then it will to any residents of Cornwall outside of 2 blocks from the place…

    And as usual, useless council when it comes to a free off leash dog park…

  5. Grimalot they only useless when they are working

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