Ottawa Ontario has 20 candidates for Mayor – We’re going to cover them all! – September 28, 2010

Cornwall ON – We’ve been focusing so much on the Cornwall municipal elections we’ve been remiss in covering the Ottawa election!  Ottawa is the number one market for the Cornwall Free News so we’ve decided to start to cover a very different election.

Here in Cornwall we have 3 candidates for mayor and 21 people running for 10 council seats.

In Ottawa there are 19 people trying to unseat mayor Larry O’Brien alone!

110 people are running for ward seats!

We’re going to start coverage of the candidates and Ottawa race shortly.   What do you think of the Ottawa race so far?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. Throw out the incumbents on the present council and replace them with new blood! All of them! That way Mark will have a completely new team to lead. Kinda brings a tear to the eye……

  2. Jim Watson is a polished politician using deflection so he does not have to discuss issues. His past record of voting with Mr. McGuinty should haunt him but voters seem to be often, very forgetful.

    Larry OBrien had 15,000 unionized workers and a few Councillors pushing back right from the beginning, I am not really sure how he would do otherwise.

    Haydon and Maguire seem to be the other frontrunners, but will need to read up on them.

  3. Why you might be well advised to get your info from the Cornwall Free News…

    The 30 Sep 2010 issue of the Standard Freeholder had this to say, based on correspondence with candidates, about the use of on-line social networking during the campaign …”Jim Marshall is also anti-Facebook…”

    The response from Jim Marshall more accurately included:

    “…social networking might be a good fit for a city councilor, as a source for “mass collaboration” or “crowd sourcing” – two emerging terms that suggest the possibilities of appealing to the electorate for input on issues that affect the community.

    Although Facebook would fit nicely into my “zero spending” campaign, adding to all the noise with unsolicited self-promotion seems a bit arrogant.

    This doesn’t mean however, that I deter friends or family from spreading the word about my campaign, because I expect they will know their friends well enough to limit updates about my stand on issues, to what interests them.

    After the election I expect to establish a real presence, and a forum that invites comments, new ideas, different viewpoints, …the things that provoke innovative thinking.”

    So you might want to advise people to second source S-F information — the Cornwall Free News being a good place to start.

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