Conservatives Destroy Liberals in New Brunswick Provincial Election – Green Party garners 5% vote in first time run – Cornwall Ontario – September 28, 2010

Cornwall ON – The Liberal government in New Brunswick showed what flip flopping can get you as they were swept out of power by the David Alward led Conservatives.

The Conservatives won 42 of 55 seats with 49% of the vote.   Many Liberal ministers lost their seats as well.    The NDP had 10% of the vote and the Green Party, running for the first time pulled in 5%.  Neither party won a seat.

Shawn Graham’s Liberals paid a huge price over the deal to sell the provincial power grid to Hydro Quebec; a deal that succumbed under public pressure.

Mr. Graham’s promises of 20,000 jobs for the province and computers for students didn’t dent public opinion and he isn’t expected to remain as party leader.

What do you think?  How will this election impact Federal politics?

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  1. Let’s hope the same thing happens in Ontario and in the Federal Election too.

  2. A Liberal-Conservative swing in provincial politics often signals the opposite with the feds. Let’s hope so. Harper & Co. have done more than enough damage already.

  3. I firmly believe it is good for Ontario to have the government formed from a party that is not the same as the party that forms the Federal government. Having the same party in control of both the federal and provincial governments will lead to far too much partisan influence in how our country is run.

    Having said that, I would gladly have an Ontario Conservative government if it mean an ABC federal government (Anyone But Conservative).

  4. Tut! Tut!

  5. Ontarians CANNOT AFFORD another Liberal government. They have taxed us all to death and lied to us right from the beginning.


  6. I do not see the federal / provincial needing different parties, since they are different anyway. Ask Jean Charest! Was a fed. conservative now a provincial liberal.

    The coalition wanted a larger a deficit, now they say it is to high…..don’t you love grandstanding for the cameras?

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