Maurice Dupelle is running for City Council in Cornwall Ontario – PROFILE – September 29, 2010

Cornwall ON – Maurice Dupelle is running for City Council here in Cornwall Ontario and he’s been kind enough to supply his bio for the viewers of The Cornwall Free News.

My name is Maurice Dupelle and I am running for Cornwall City Council because I want to help bring about progressive change to achieve the economic and social renewal for Cornwall. We must do better for all our residents. I have called Cornwall my home for the past 32 years. I am 38 years old and married to Karen Dupelle (Taillon) and we have three children Noah who is 8 years old and 3 year old twins Paige and Hannah.

I am currently a Manager with Community Living Glengarry. I am also a Board of Director with the Cornwall & Area Housing Authority, school chair for Immaculate Conception Elementary school, a Director with the Glen Stor Dun Lodge Foundation Board, a proud member of the Rotary Club, a Director with the Cornwall Bingo sponsors Association and an active volunteer with Community Living Stormont County.

I am the past President and co-founder of ‘Friends Helping Friends’, a non-profit group who assisted individuals who lost their home to fire. I owned and operated the ‘Green Spot Restaurant’.
Our city has great potential. When we are positive and work together, we can achieve great things. Indeed , we can make Cornwall a thriving, caring community where no-one is left behind.

I invite you to help me bring about progressive change to the city of Cornwall and I would welcome the opportunity to serve you as part of your next city council.


  1. what are your opinions about the water front, Feed-in Tariff Program, youth & downtown?

  2. Thank you Rony for your intrest, I believe that we need to restore our Downtown and bring people to the downtown by working with the business who make up our downtown. I know our Water Front has so much to offer we need to attract more events to the water front. We need to not take away the green space we have, but we need to work with all the stakeholders and move this water front forward. The youth of today is the future of tommorrow we need to work with them and involve them in more decisions that affect them. I would love to work very close with our youth advisory committee and make sure we bring our educated young back to Cornwall. Our city has so much Potential when we all work together.
    Maurice Dupelle

  3. As the Director with the Glen Stor Dun Lodge Foundation Board what was your take regardomg an out-of-town pharmaceutical company servicing residents at Glen-Stor-Dun Lodge for at least three years?

  4. Hi Smee in regards to the out of town Pharmacy issue I totaly disagree with that it should have stayed local, as far as my role as a director it is with the foundation borad (Fundraising) and not the management board 2 diffrent boards. The foundation board was not involved with any operational issue. We striclkly raise funfs for the residents well being at the Lodge.


  5. Sorry Maurice, are you saying it was better to go to the new supplier?

  6. Hello smee

    No I do not believe they should have gone out of town. The deal should have been local, sorry for not being clear. Thank you so much for your question.


  7. Maurice
    Do you not believe that by opening our doors to other cities and businesses we may be displaying ourselves as a city willing to grow. This could open the doors by Kingston encouraging their economy to look this way for business.

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