Secret Conspiracy for Montreal Canadiens Captains to be under 5′ 10″ in height? NHL Round Up – September 30, 2010

Cornwall ON – Is there some new secret code or tradition that the Captain of The Montreal Candiens has to be under 5′ 10″  ??

The Habs surprised nobody today when they named mighty mite Brian Gionta their newest captain.    There was a lot of speculation that Josh Gorges was to be the man, but it was leaked recently that Gionta would replace Saku Koivu who served so long that the team turfed him or risked Saku breaking Jean Beliveau’s record for years served leading Les Boys.

What do you think Hockey fans?   Is Gionta the man for the job?  Has he taken any French lessons?  And will he stay healthy enough this year to put 30 + pucks in the net?

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  1. Jamie, You are being short sighted. And yes Gionta is taking French lessons.

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