Cornwall Ontario pounded by rains – basement floodings galore – October 1, 2010

Cornwall ON – Heavy rains pelted Cornwall Ontario for much of the afternoon and evening.   There were a rash of basement floodings as well in different parts of the city.   Cornwall Council candidate Jason Setnyk reported his basement flooded as well as several others.

Anderson Road has a huge lake!


Our basement has 6 inches of water. I believe many houses were flooded in our area as well.

There were lots of anecdotal comments and reports on facebook locally as well.

Word on the street is we’ve had 6 months worth of rain in 3 days. (unconfirmed by official sources)

Anyone have a canoe? Because you can paddle around in my basement and front yard if you like.

.heard u mention that once or twice… Im not to happy either, all my neighbours are outside, they r worse though theirs smell like sewer mine not at all…thank god!

picture courtesy of GG

We’re awaiting some more pics and updates. Email yours to

Jason Setnyk Kilger for Mayor Schnitzels


  1. lol… we get a little bit of rain here, Ive seen much worse in Ottawa.. My apartment was floating on my ceiling after a big storm during the summer once, and people were actually canoeing through the streets in Kanata.. Michael Street had a river running through it that wasn’t there before, and the Sunlife building underground parking flooded as well.. could have dived down there lol..

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