Cornwall Ontario pounded by rains – basement floodings galore – October 1, 2010

Cornwall ON – Heavy rains pelted Cornwall Ontario for much of the afternoon and evening.   There were a rash of basement floodings as well in different parts of the city.   Cornwall Council candidate Jason Setnyk reported his basement flooded as well as several others.

Anderson Road has a huge lake!


Our basement has 6 inches of water. I believe many houses were flooded in our area as well.

There were lots of anecdotal comments and reports on facebook locally as well.

Word on the street is we’ve had 6 months worth of rain in 3 days. (unconfirmed by official sources)

Anyone have a canoe? Because you can paddle around in my basement and front yard if you like.

.heard u mention that once or twice… Im not to happy either, all my neighbours are outside, they r worse though theirs smell like sewer mine not at all…thank god!

picture courtesy of GG

We’re awaiting some more pics and updates. Email yours to


  1. lol… we get a little bit of rain here, Ive seen much worse in Ottawa.. My apartment was floating on my ceiling after a big storm during the summer once, and people were actually canoeing through the streets in Kanata.. Michael Street had a river running through it that wasn’t there before, and the Sunlife building underground parking flooded as well.. could have dived down there lol..

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