The Cornwall Free News Makes its First Endorsement for City Council – Gary W. Samler – October 7, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario EDITORIAL – VIDEO

Cornwall ON – Pat Finnerty tonight proved that when a city spends $150 million plus dollars in a year perhaps pinching on those that make the decisions how to spend those dollars and tax its citizens is penny wise pound foolish.

An example if you may.    Imagine a council with poor business skills.   Lack of experience; lack of skills to negotiate and work together.   How much would that cost Cornwall?   Would 5% be a reasonable estimate?  I think that’d be low, but 5% of $150M is $7,500,000 dollars per year.

How much would a good council improve the financials for a city?  Same 5% would be another $7.5M.   The line between the two extremes is enough to buy you half or so of an over sized hockey rink that you probably would never use either.

That being said there are people, and not just voters, but media people here, and politicians who would suggest that paying councilors less than $15K per year is a good thing, and that it’s “just a part time job for retired people” which any good accountant or business person would tell you is wrong.

That $15M potential whip to me would be better optimized with the best that we as a city could afford on Council.    I respectfully suggest that full time councilors with salaries to reflect that, even if it’s a reduced council is the way to growth and the way to a strong future.   You want to break that 50,000 population barrier?

Don’t mistake me.  It’s not that we absolutely need a whack of MBA’s sitting on council.   We need people that care about others.  We need people that will fight for those that need help and who are weakest in our city too.

It’s why tonight we are offering our endorsement to Mr. Gary Samler.   He has our vote for city council of Cornwall Ontario.   His speeches show where his focus is, and his actions have backed that up.

I don’t agree with all his policies.  I don’t think that he’s the best man for the job.   I don’t think he has the full skill set, but I do think he’s earnest; has integrity of his beliefs, and is passionate for the welfare of his fellow Cornwallite.     I think he’ll work well with City management too, and will be able to learn some of the things that could make him a good councilor, and I think he will work well with other councilors and whoever the mayor is.

We do need to evolve and improve.    As well as the last council performed,  things can always be better.   Based on watching two live debates, reading, and listening to a lot of material and opinions we fully support Gary Samler as our first city council endorsee for Cornwall Ontario.

Remember, we can get better and grow.  Or we can end up with Pat Finnerty for City Council.


Here are some videos of Gary in action.  We missed his best speech which was at the Chamber of Commerce debate, but you can listen to that on podcast on

Gary at the Labour Council.


Gary on Living Wages


Gary at the Mark MacDonald Rally


What do you think Cornwall?   You can post your comments below.

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Gary Samler


  1. Thank you so very much Cornwall Freenews for your generous endorsement for me in my campaign run for Cornwall City Council.I can sincerly say that I was humbly surprised by this. It really means a great deal to me when my family, friends, campaign team and all the great people of this great city get behind me to help me to follow my dreams. On October 26th, if elected , I will be more than ready to stand up proudly, alongside all the people of Cornwall, to give them a new fresh caring leader who sincerly will listen and work with all the people of Cornwall rich or poor young or old sick or healthy and represent them responsibly to mend all the real problems of Cornwall that have been neglected for so very long. It’s time for change, It’s time for Action, Accountability and Advocacy. Thank You again.

  2. Interesting that the labor council didn’t endorse Gary! But as pointed out, they can go and endorse Kilger before he even releases any mandate at all.. shows some of the back room deals going on as far as my opinion goes.. Go Gary! I hope you get in and toss a wrench into these wacky gears going on!

  3. Good Luck Gary
    We may not share the same ideals hwoever you seem to be what we need on council.

  4. Good luck to you Gary, I hope you get in and become the sand in those greasy gears on council

  5. Good luck Gary!

  6. Why is the stories photo of Pat Finnerty?

    I mean, I know you quoted him in the article, but really it’s about Gary Samler.

    But congratulations Gary! Your a hard worker with a good message and I hope you get in!

  7. Someone’s been working too hard lately and is asleep at the switch……

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