The Cornwall Free News makes its first EndorseNOT for the Municipal Election – October 8, 2010

Cornwall ON – As promised we’re going to be making our endorsements and endorsenots in this election.   Not all candidates may be endorsed one way or the other, but we feel that if we are going to choose some in a positive manner we should balance out those we feel should not be chosen as well.

Tonight as our first endorse “NOT” is Mr. Pat Finnerty.   We’re not sure of Mr. Finnerty’s platform, and judging from the two speeches we’ve heard and the lack of material presented to the voters of Cornwall we’re not sure he even has a platform other than taking shots at candidates, suggesting that voters vote for themselves on October 24, and well….we’ll let Mr. Finnerty explain for himself in these two clips.

Pat Finnerty at the Mark MacDonald rally


at the Chamber of Commerce debate


On October 24, 25th, or any day we Endorse NOT Mr. Pat Finnerty for Cornwall Ontario City Council.

What do you think Cornwall?  You can post your comment below.

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  1. Makes perfect sense to me! Although I am not sure what the Rivette comment is all about?

  2. Author

    Matt nobody in the room was either and I feel bad for Andre who didn’t deserve that. He was very classy about it too. Politicians have to have very thick skin, but that was uncalled for and kinda odd….

  3. The old boy’s club needs to be axed but unfortunately they still could offer some guidance to the new candidates! That’s why I left some of them around so that by next election we’ll see who lived up to there promises. I vote based on who I would want to represent me (our my business; our business being Cornwall) at a meeting!……………………and the following candidates I believe would not trust with my money for various reasons (note: Just because they are good people does not mean they are good representatives):

    People I would not want to stand for me; because I think they could embarrass us:

    1) Gary Samler
    2) Jason Setnyk
    3) Gerald Samson
    4) Syd Gardner
    5) Todd Bennett
    6) Patricia Lalonde
    7) Mary anne Hug (P.S.- Cornwall needs more than a hug, it needs a kick in the pants!)
    8) Madelaine Lebrun
    9) Leslie O’Shaughnessy

    AND THE KING of the bunch

    10) Pat Finnerty
    I am amazed that this guy can still tie his own shoes…or maybe he doesn’t!

  4. Author

    Wow Matt. That seems very unfair for many of those on your list. I can understand maybe not liking or supporting some of them, but there are some capable people on your list.

  5. On the other hand, I believe their are a few who would have great strength in overcoming objection and they would be great as a team! Each with their strengths and weaknesses of course but nonetheless A GREAT TEAM!

    My Dream Team!

    1) Mike Bedard – audiences loved his direction, during the last few debates, and some incumbents hated it. So that’s why he’s at the top of my list for people I would trust to fight for me!

    2) Bernadette Clement – always well spoken, very well respected and professional!

    3) Jim Marshal – Brave and willing to take educated risks and would definitely fight! He also has great speeches but needs to clean up his interviews which were very unprofessional….although he made his point!

    4) and Denis Carr, Elaine Macdonald and Denis Thibault – could add valuable input!

    5) David Murphy – Well, although I can never remember his platform after he’s done! He can speak very well and could present his views and the groups views with a classy touch!

    The remaining three people voted in would be part of the (farm team, so to speak and can get into the game if someone else is unavailable) ….really I think they should act as understudies or as tie breakers only!

  6. Hi admin,

    I just feel these people are genuinely not right for me and although they may be capable of making good voting decisions (and I respect anyone willing to do what they are trying to do) I beleive the others can perform better under the gun!

  7. Author

    Well Matt, thus my Editorial about why we should pay councilors a lot more money. We need more and better people leading the city. That’s not a slam at those that have served. There are some very good people currently in council, but there are some that have too much on their plate. I’m not so sure that being on council should be a part time gig?

  8. Well unfortunately we don’t have any other choices during this election and I do not agree that someone that is retired or as you put it with more time can do a better job! The best communities in Ontario have a lot more business oriented candidates and most of the brightest minds are still in the working field and although I respect your site and articles immensely; we can not afford, at this time, to pay full-time wages to our City Councillors and in turn raise the Mayors salaries!

  9. Hi Everyone,

    Thank you Matt for the support, but I do believe Admin is right and I think you may want to dial it back a notch! I have personally met and have tried to speak with each of the candidates individually to get a better feel of how genuine they are and I can tell you that there is a lot of excitement and hype from the challengers and voters. Unfortunately, I am new to the election process and believe the media will always have it’s favorites, as do you! I love the fact that you have a clear picture of what you would like to see but be careful not to become one the naysayers! However out of utter respect this Media Company – The Cornwall Free News is the only company I have seen attend every event and stay from start to finish! Admin knows more about what is going than any other local newspaper because they come to the events and leave very early into them so that theire articles can be sent out of town for print! Keep spending local and support the patrons of this Web-site.

    Thank You
    Mike Bedard

  10. Well you have my vote and I hope you do well…………….I didn’t know admin was this involved and Mike supports you than I do to!

  11. Author

    Hi Matt,

    That’s the issue. A lot of business people I’ve spoken to look at the low pay and lack of appreciate and say “not I”. That gives more kudos to those that do offer to serve, but it also limits the pool of good people at the table.

    You want to make this city grow? You want the best people in the city to help lead it at council? Raise the ante!

  12. I agree I just think that there is a time and place for everything and I think there needs to be some major changes that may cost some money now that would save us down the road and then we could put forth your recommendation!

    P.S. – I have never seen a candidate stick up for the media and Mike you continue to impress me!

  13. Mike is it true that you were the only candidate that got the people in attendance to cheer during your speech at Mark MacDonald’s gathering on last night?

  14. Hi Matt,

    I appreciate what you are trying to do for me but I don’t believe it would be fair to answer whether I was the only one to receive applause! Everyone received an applause after their speeches and Yes, I believe I did receive a few loud cheers for my comments! I have done very well at the Labour Council’s debate and during Mark Macdonald’s gathering. However, I was very nervous during my first outing at the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce’s Meet the Candidates Event and was mediocre; but I have since hit my stride. I believe I have shown, once again, how quickly I can change and that I truly strive to make everyone proud of me!

    If you wish to converse with me in person or further please contact me via:
    Home: (613) 935-9429

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard
    Councillor Candidate

  15. Matt: I am confused and surprised to see you have put my name at the top of your Not list. Do I owe you money? I strongly agree your comments and decision for Mike Bedard. He would be tops on my Dream team also. He is young, passionate, a successful businessman, likeable, progressive, with a positive vision for Cornwall and more than capable to be sitting at council. But then your list in my opinion falls apart. As Admin has pointed out there are some capable on your Not list, my name being one. I can hardly see why my speaking the truth of how I feel the people of Cornwall have been short changed by our current council (Mostly listed on your dream list) would be considered an embarassment. When I speak up for the 63% of Cornwall living in Poverty on Social Assistance Is that an embarrassment? When I speak up about wasteful over spending, Is that an embarrass-ment ? When I speak up about the housing shortage for our singles,seniors and disabled, Is that an embarrassment? When I stand up and speak up for the many citiens of Cornwall devastated by the recent floods over selfishly asking people for votes, Is that an embarrassment? If you find the truth too embarassing for you then go ahead and vote for the puppets, Red-coats, and disappointments on your dream list and then see how Cornwall ends up in 4 years when I will be running again to fight against the social injustice given to many of our citizens and local businessmen by the persons on your list. See my website to contact me or reply to this on CFN a local media outlet that has belief in me to be their first endorsed candidate.

  16. Matt listen very carefully to the crowds response near the end of my speech at Mark MacDonalds rally at the ANAF club. That also is known as cheers from the people in attendance.

  17. I think Matt brings up some excellent points, but I would take it one step further, and Matt I think you would agree this very reasonable proposal. Instead of having a vote done by ballots let us elect our officials by the loudest cheer. We will cram everyone in Cornwall who wants to vote in the Civic Complex. Each candidate for City Council will have one minute to speak, after which we will measure the decibel level. The ten loudest cheers will decide who sits around the council table. Content or ideas will not matter, instead it will be a true test of who is charismatic, and who can pump up a crowd, or who can bring the most family and friends to the event. The loudest cheers will equate the best leaders for the next four years. This new system of voting will increase voter turnout too, especially amongst younger people. Their voices will surely triumph under this new regime! Also, voters are not allowed to bring megaphones or other voice amplifiers on screaming day, uh, I mean voting day.

  18. Hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion. And obviously those who are seen on Matt’s “not” list are going to be upset. Who wouldn’t be upset? It’s funny that after defending themselves (very defensive) they will call out “puppets, red-coats” and “disappointments”.

    It’s kinda like this :

    ” Hey it’s not fair to make a list and put me on it. But if you really want to make lists, you should include these guys, not me. ”

    So someone broadcasted their “dream team” list, how many other citizens is there in Cornwall that will be voting?

  19. Gary, you can satisfy some of the people some of the time. You cannot satisfy all of the people all of the time. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and Matt has stated his. He has a right to his opinion. I would defend, to the death, his right to have an opinion! Though I don’t necessarily agree with his opinion. Go win your seat Gary!

  20. Devils Adv. It’s time to be serious, My comment to Matt for saying only Mike B was cheered was not meant to assume our running for council was really just a popularity contest such as being on TV Idol shows.Mostly ALL the candidates present received applause for their individual speeches throughout the night. The candidates each offered a variety of platform issues and we all gave the voters a clear choice of who they should vote for in the next council term.I for one was not up there for cheers. I truly see a need for change so I probably will not keep voting in all the same people that Matt supported other than the ones I feel would be progressive and effective next term. Some people I like and support are listed from both of Matts lists.I know that I want and can make changes here that is why I ran. My final decision will be made later. My comments Vin to Matt for presenting his list choices publicly so early in the campaign made me wonder why my name and others so capable are on his Not list without maybe first commenting or letting these candidates know why he made his decision about us. I can only hope that before any other readers are swerved by reading this choice before the advance polls open and to be fair to all the candidates on both lists I hope our candidates have the chance to share more with the voters to get out their views before more lists of Dream teams and have nots get printed. In my opinion, it also seems that already some alliances are being made within the councillor candidate groups for Team Kilger or Team MacDonald. the voters have a big choice to make this time. If there is no change this time nothing will change for Cornwall or get better.I viewed for myself during this term of council (Puppets) Those who passed everything rubber stamped by admin and the mayor (Redcoats) People having strong personal federal alliances sitting in and runnning for or representing a non partisen municipal government and (disappointments) Wasting tax money, giving away local contracts, not cutting red tape for local contracts and doing nothing to help in the bridge, employment or social areas for poverty reduction. That is why I should not haved commented the above from my point of view as it was never intended to be name calling at any individual candidate. Cornwall will vote for whoever they want and I do hope they all go out and vote for the candidate they want elected.

  21. Well let’s see the video proof …..or is the camera still broken? Gary it is a farce to believe that your platform includes “Eliminating” not “Reducing” poverty in “Ontario” not “Cornwall”! Mike crushed 100% of the so called competition and you continue to read off of some written speech prepared for you. Are you even writing this or is the same girl that follows you around writing everything for you? You do not even look at the camera during your speeches because they are written for you and if we try to speak to you after; the same girl answers for you! Are you Gary or are you a puppet like you described the other candidates to be!

    P.S. – I can’t believe that you would be so shallow as to say how good Mike is and then say that you may take it back right after! What a coward! Mike, please respond to this foolishness!

  22. Were is Mike’s Speech I want to see it? Are you purposely trying to sabotage his campaign CFN? Any intellegint viewer would see that all you have posted of him is the worst you could find and yet they aren’t bad at all! I hope he decides to strongly voice his opinion against how this web-site is supporting him because it seems like it supports the people who kiss a$$ and not kick a$$!

  23. Author

    Matt please stop being a tard.

  24. While I’m not arrogant enough to presume that I know for sure Mr Finnerty’s intentions, I see his running as a way for him to bring attention to the fact that there people out there who are not happy with the status quo (and I don’t mean the British blues rock band).

    Cornwall has done admirably weathering the closure of Domtar and the economic recession. But we need move forward with innovative idea’s and new horizons. And we may need new blood around the council table to achieve this.

    I assume Mr Finnerty knows he’s a longshot. But he doesn’t care, he has a message he feels needs to be brought to the voter’s attention, and he’s brave enough to be the messenger.

    I would have trouble giving him with my vote for the purpose of supporting that message. I’d rather that than to not vote for 10 candidates. There are individuals running for Council that would do more damage to our city’s future than Pat Finnerty.

  25. Mike
    CFN attends the events as they are earning their stripes and the other media outlet has some old liberal ties. Therefore ignorence and silence is the practice

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