Mark MacDonald Rally sparks great energy and discussion at Army Navy Club – Thursday October 7 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – So a theme is evolving as this election motors along.   It seems to a be an us or them scenario where Cornwall Ontario City Council and Mayoralty hopeful Mark A MacDonald wants the disenfranchised to help move him forward.

His crowds so far have been noisy and loud.   His room last night was nearly full in spite of the Leafs and Habs opening the season.   You also see a different crowd than at Mayor Kilger’s events.  You see more immigrants for example and more diversity.

It should be interesting to see how the crowds evolve as each candidate has another event.

Mark’s Rally Speech


The evening was also an occasion for city council hopefuls to touch base with the large crowd and several made the most of it.

Pat Finnerty gets the award for comic timing…


Todd Bennett Gets It


Sadly our camera seems to have died and some amazing footage is on it from the rally.  We’re trying to resuscitate Mini-Me and hopefully recover the footage.

What do you think of the campaign so far Cornwall? You can post your comments below.

Mark McDonald

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  1. Let’s see the best candidate’s speech and yes I am talking about Mr. Bedard’s.

    P.S. – Please put Mr. Setnyk’s, Mr. Samler’s and Mr. Thibault’s right beside his and I will ensure a clear victor as Mike was undoubtedly show how he has a much clearer understanding of what Cornwall want’s and needs!

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