“Talk to my lawyer, the Minister of Justice !” What the devil’s going on with Tory MP Lauzon ? – Guy Lauzon quote from Bourque Newswatch – October 9, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Pierre Bourque asked the question this morning.

What the devil’s going on with Tory MP Lauzon?

Well that’s a very good question.   The video clip connected to the story sums up most of it.


This stems from a post made on the Standard Free Holders Website in a story announcing my candidacy as Green Party Candidate for SD&SG.

Now politics being politics it was very disturbing especially because the more you scream you’re innocent the more guilty you look in situations like this.    So I contacted Mr. Lauzon who sits on the board of this Habitat Chapter along with his wife, and many of his friends, and asked for a letter to repudiate the obvious slander.

Mr. Lauzon refused as a board member,but Mr. Brian Schofield who was acting chair, and according to the current website for the Habitat affiliate is still on their board, sent the following to the Standard Freeholder and myself.

“Good Afternoon. Mr. Gilcig approached me concerning the attached quote that appeared in your paper or on your website. I was the acting chairperson for Habitat for Humanity during the time that Mr. Gilcig was employed there, and while there were some differences of opinion there was never any question of theft or misuse of funds on his part. Please understand that I am a Conservative and in no way support the Greens political point of view, but I take a very dim view of those who would put forth false accusations to endeavor to tarnish a persons reputation.

Mr. Lauzon still refused to repudiate the slander and of course you see the video from Labour Day at Lamoureux Parc in Cornwall Ontario.

It clearly shows that Mr. Lauzon knew about the video and refused to repudiate the slander.       Only Mr. Lauzon can answer to his further comments about me not being able to contact him except via the Minister of Justice or what the Minister of Justice would have to do with any of this.

Of course people may also now ask why he, his wife, and close friends and associates are on this Habitat for Humanity board?   Who owned the building and sold it to the affiliate?  Who holds the mortgage?  Who owns the adjacent highway fronting property?

Habitat for Humanity Seaway Valley Board members

What do you think Cornwall and Canada?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. O.K., so let me see if i understand, because I might not be on the same track…

    The same thing you let happen here (people publish comments, not always truthful and can sometimes affect people’s lives, careers and reputations), has happen to you on the Standard Freeholder website and now you’re crying about it ?

    So basically, the BS you let go on here is happening somewhere else, but you don’t have any control over it, now it’s not so fun.


  2. Author

    Vin we don’t allow slander of any sort on the Cornwall Free News. The Free Holder doesn’t check comments as they come in other than for key words that are filtered out.

  3. Jamie
    Is there any truth to the accusation made by Alan in the Freeholder?

  4. Author

    None Smee as you can see by Brian Schofield’s repudiation. There was one board member that we caught taking goods and cash in lieu of volunteering in the ReStore and that person stated in an email to the board that she’d continue to do so.

    This story isn’t about me. It’s about corruption at its deepest form, and about the ultimate abuse of power at the top level of our government. The Minister of Justice over any of this that has zero to do with Mr. Lauzon’s role as MP?

    Btw, she continued her role well into Mr. Lauzon and friends taking over the charity.

    For the record I have never been charged with any crime in my life; never mind convicted of doing anything. No DUI’s. A speeding ticket and a love of Jay walking are about it here.

    Why would you ask that question?

  5. Lauzon is dead wrong on this one. Perhaps you should atually contact his lawyer The Minister of Justice Rob Nicholson. Does he give free advice to Conservatives only?

  6. Jamie: What can you expect from a culture of abuse, evasion, and deceit? With those three—abuse, evasion, and deceit—the Harperites insulate themselves from anyone who acts according to different principles, such as honesty and decency.

  7. Curiousity Admin as well as a chance for you to speak on the topic aside from the article

  8. PJR wake-up and smell the coffee! This has absolutely nothing to do with Harperites/Conservatives, it’s something between two people Jamie and Guy. Lets hope we get some answers as to who owned the building and sold it to the affiliate, who holds the mortgage and who owns the adjacent highway-fronting properties? Answers anyone?

  9. I feel like I’m surrounded by first year students. The kind that ask, “Who won world war two.”
    Stan, and for those who make allusions. I will give you one of my big time hard earned top top secrets to make this major big discovery as to who owns the land. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring the lot number to the Stormont Cornwall Land Registrar office !!!!!!!!!!! Whisper to the clerk that you would like to see the Transfer/Deed of Land. Bring fifty cents cash for a copy, as its been public information for the last hundred years or so. I refuse to tell you the address or phone number. I will not give you a telephone book ever. I’m also not at liberty to tell you the really big top secret as to where mortgages are recorded or what is a P.P.S.R. Your head would blow up.

  10. This is actually typical of the Reform Party reaction to anyone they see as a threat to their hegemony. They don’t dare debate their policies, so they try to destroy the person. Remember “Stephane Dion – Not a Leader” or the “Ignatieff.me” website? Keep in mind, too, that the Reform Party is the only Canadian political party (so far) to use American style Attack Ads.

    Obviously the Reform Party MP for this riding sees Jamie Gilcig and the Green Party as a Major Threat. They can’t discredit his platform, so they’re not even going to try. Instead, they bring out the biggest gun they have and try to create a completely false criminal record.

  11. OMG Jamie, about time you pulled the trigger!!! 😀

    Guy Lauzon should be ashamed, and fired!

    I know of many Guy supporters that don’t know about this yet, I’m going to spread the word and show them truly what kind of tool they are supporting!

  12. I agree with TCW that someone should go to the land transfer office and pull up a deed for the surrounding lands, then we’ll see who owns what, and why! All of those interesting questions will be answered and then some!

  13. All I can say is WOW! If you are in to stirring the pot, this will surely do so…Makes for interesting reading…..I will stay tuned……….

  14. Grimalot: the word is fool…..not tool. A tool is useful.

  15. @ Stan

    Grimalot’s use of the word “tool” is actually stronger than fool.

    Sort of the difference between ass and arse, dink or dork etc.

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