Leafs 3-0 – Smash Mouth Hockey rules – Habs lose in OT to Tampa Bay – NHL scores and round up – Cornwall Ontario – October 13, 2010

Cornwall ON – Two different teams and styles, two different results.   Tonight the Toronto Maple Leafs played some tough, gritty, smash mouth hockey and came away with the Win versus Syd Crosby and the Mighty Penguins.   Pittsburgh fans must be turning…blue…as their team has scored more goals than they’ve let in, but are 1-3 for the season while the Leafs are at the top of the conference with a perfect 3-0 record with 12 goals for versus 6 against.

Colton Orr lost a fight after taking a right in the kisser, but he scored the first goal of the game.  Francois Beauchemin showed why he’s one of the reasons the Ducks suck this year, and The Monster kept the Leafs in the game when it counted.

Montreal lost 4-3 to the Tampa Bay Lighting in Over time.   Carey Price took the loss in net.  The Habs weren’t that gritty.   They didn’t play smash mouth hockey.   They were fast.  They danced.  They played peripheral hockey with a team that can score from there.

They lost.  Losing for Montreal is like Winning for the Leafs; a polar opposite.  A wrongness in the Universe that screams to be returned to its normal balance.

It started out fine for Montreal.  They jumped out to a 2-0 lead on goals by Maxim Lapierre (who’s off to a good start this season)  and Tomas Plekanec before the Lightning started their comeback.

Tampa Bay out shot Montreal 48-27 in their own building on opening night   That won’t do either.

Allowing Steve Stamkos 8 shots probably isn’t a winning recipe either.  Gomez and Gionta were shut out.  The good news is that the left over Kostitsyn scored a goal.

In other NHL scores Nashville edged Chicago 3-2; Washington nipped the Islanders 2-1; and Marty Brodeur shut out the Sabres 1-0 with the  Devils needing OT to finally put the puck in the net.

Vancouver lost to Anaheim 4-3.

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