Letter to the Editor by Virender Paul Madan – Saving the Murals in Cornwall Ontario – October 14, 2010

Cornwall ON – Thank you very much for high lighting the City mural issue recently in your paper, which resulted in the approval of the mural restoration by the City Councillors.  For the general public’s interest, there were four councillors, Mary Ann Hug, Bernadette Clement, Denis Thibault, and Denis Carr who supported the restoration process with good art knowledge, and passionately defended the restoration of the murals, as our the important artworks of Cornwall. I am glad that Councillors took the proper route of restoration, by asking for the Restorer’s Condition Report before any work is started-the right way to spend the public money on restoration.

Bob Peters of Economic Department did not waste any time and started the process immediately, with the result Restorer’s Condition Report, on all the 12 murals, will be ready this fall, and mural restoration could be started in the spring. Thanks Bob.

As an artist, photographer, restorer of fine art and retired art teacher, I am personally very grateful to these supporters of Cornwall’s fine art and am sure all the art lovers in the city feel the same. We need more Councillors like these who are culturally well educated and interested in developing the visual art in Cornwall, so that we could make our city as a centre of arts in the Eastern Ontario.

Virender Paul Madan – October 12, 2010

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  1. I’m glad we are spending some money in what I think is the right place. Those murals are part of Cornwall’s heritage. Restoring them will allow many other generations to enjoy them. For once, I can say BRAVO! Cornwall City Council.

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