Cornwall Fills Room at Schnitzels for Kilger for Mayor Rally – Cornwall Ontario – October 15, 2010

Cornwall ON – There was a lot of love in the room at Schnitzels European Flavours last night as Cornwall Ontario Mayor Robert “Bob” Kilger entered the room for his rally.

Glen Grant was clear on his choice for Mayor.


The troops pulled together and rallied around their man as the election creaks into its last leg.

Councilor Elaine MacDonald gave a fine performance.


With poll numbers showing strength for Mayor Kilger’s oppenent City Councilor Mark A MacDonald the mayor will need all of his forces in high gear as this election is a real two horse race.


But for tonight it was clear who was the choice for Mayor in this room.   Current councilors Andre Rivette, Bernadette Clement, Denis Carr, Syd Gardiner, Denis Thibault, and Elaine MacDonald shook the room with applause as they listed the many accomplishments that they shared with the mayor during the last four years.


Young Guns Jason Setnyk, Mike Bedard, and Todd Bennett also spoke at the event along with Maurice Dupelle, David Murphy, and Gerald Samson.

Jason Setnyk unveiled some new ideas on how to improve permits  at the rally.


Advanced polls are open at Cornwall Square and Eastcourt Mall until Saturday.

Mel an Angus of the General Electryk performed.   Their new album is debuting at Schnitzels on October 28th.   Be there for the party!

We feature some of them in the clip below along with your traveling camera and visit with Mayor Kilger.


You can also listen to our Mayoralty debate on Tuesday October 19h.   The debate starts at 10:15 and you won’t want to miss it.

More video to come shortly

Kilger for Mayor


  1. It will be interesting to see where all those former counciliors will be in 4 years, if Mark Macdonald upsets Bob the up coming election.I have a feeling some don,t think Mark Macdonald will win,so their brown noising Bob Kilger.Better to work under Bob kilger if he thinks you supported him.

  2. Is there something behind Elaine MacDonald’s emphasis on ‘working people’?

  3. Yes, only if you work can you pay taxes.

  4. Everyone pays tax each and everyday, working or not.Everything you buy you pay tax,people who own their own homes pay tax,renters pay the landlords taxs , to me, is the samething as paying property tax.The list goes on and on.and there will allways be someone who pays more taxs than you.
    Elaine macdonald there are more than just working people in our city that pay taxs.

  5. Ok…workers perform labour, and Elaine is the president of the Labour Council. That may be why she places emphasis on workers.

  6. I think Elaine thinks very little of Mark’s supporters and thinks they are lower class! She needs a reality check and I hope she gets it on Oct. 25, 2010…… Shame on you Miss MacDonald for segregating voters; especially with your indiscretions!

    P.S. – The Labour Council’s Endorsements “DO NOT REPRESENT ALL OF CORNWALL’S WORKERS!”

    Actually, they do not even represent a majority!

    Did anyone see the labour council debate! The best speakers were the candidates who were not even endorsed!

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