City Announces Flood Impact Survey to Poll Citizens Affected by Recent Flooding – La ville administre un sondage sur l’impact l’inondation pour sonder l’opinion des citoyens touchés par les inondations récentes – October 15, 2010

Cornwall ON – The City of Cornwall is undertaking a Flood Impact Survey, to poll residents affected by flooding following the severe rain storm on September 30th, 2010. An estimated 450 properties were affected with varying degrees of severity.

The information will be used to provide support for an application to the Ontario Disaster Relief Assistance Program (ODRAP) and will be submitted to the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing. This effort followings a resolution from City Council on Tuesday, October 12 that seeks financial relief for affected property owners.

“This flood has disrupted the lives of hundreds of our residents, and caused significant destruction to property,” said Mayor Bob Kilger. “I am hopeful that this information gathering effort will result in a business case that will convince the Province of the need to intervene.”

Affected property owners can participate in the survey in two ways:

Visit and follow the link to the survey.

By Phone
Call the Flood Impact Survey hotline at 613 930-2787 extension 2132.

The phone hotline will be operational Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30pm. The online survey is available 24 hours a day.

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Cornwall ON – La ville administre un sondage sur l’impact l’inondation pour sonder l’opinion des citoyens touchés par les inondations récentes

La vile de Cornwall administre un sondage sur l’impact de l’inondation pour sonder l’opinion des résidents touchés par les inondations causées par la forte tempête de pluie du 30 septembre 2010. Selon les estimations, 450 propriétés auraient subi des dommages variés.

L’information servira à étayer une demande d’aide soumise au ministère des Affaires municipales et du logement en vertu du Programme ontarien de secours aux sinistrés (POSS). Cette initiative est issue d’une résolution adoptée par le Conseil municipal mardi 12 octobre de demander une aide financière pour les propriétaires touchés par les inondations.

” Cette inondation a touché la vie de centaines de nos résidents et a causé des dommages matériels substantiels » indique le maire Bob Kilger. « J’espère que notre initiative de collecte de renseignements permettra d’établir un dossier d’analyse qui convaincra la province du besoin d’intervenir. “

Les propriétaires touchés peuvent participer au sondage par deux moyens :

En ligne
Consulter et suivre le lien au sondage.

Par téléphone
Appeler la ligne prioritaire pour le sondage sur l’impact de l’inondation en composant le 613 930 2787, poste 2132.

La ligne prioritaire sera ouverte du lundi au vendredi, de 8 h 30 à 16 h 30. Le sondage en ligne est accessible 24 heures sur 24.

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  1. This is a chronic problem (albeit lesser magnitude) and Cornwall needs to develop and set in motion a real mitigation plan. This disaster and having to seek Ontario Disaster Relief Assistance should not have happenned and mustn’t happen again.

    Throwing money after the fact is falls far short of coveringthe damage and loss of personal items and property, or make better the emotional and mental anguish of the events.

    The city needs to inventory of our wetlands/floodplains and former river and stream courses; Then quit letting developers fill or anyone build on it.

    And instead of bailouts, inadequate sewers and dams in the future …money from the provincial and federal governments can be sourced and better used to expropriate and remediate the old water courses, even if it takes 40 years.

    This may not be agreeable to all, but the point is this; Real solutions not bandaids, and long term thinking is the answer (and would have prevented this scandal).

  2. What about those $75.00 traps that prevent back flow from the sewer system into the house? Now, wouldn’t it be cheaper to simply install traps that prevent water from reversing its course? Maybe I’m being too simplistic here. That has been invented, right? It’s like a swinging door that only goes one way and it’s immersed in water. Maybe it’s the installation of the thing that’s a big deal. Just throwing ideas around. I thought it related to community health in some ways.

  3. Good idea mystic plumber,but those traps are $300.00 but certainly would go along way in helping the problem.Also it time to educate some people on proper home maintance.If you have a little leak in your basement sometimes when it rains, don,t make a rec room or finish your basement untill you repair the leak.Because when it does rain for days it will certainly fill your basement up with water.
    But also i think people do need the goverments help on this one. Geez i think i sound like a politician.

  4. oh come on admin.let my comments threw.

  5. luckyred I’d vote for you

  6. Mystic Pulmber
    I have chatted with some of our engineering department regarding issues such as these. I have also suggested a alternative to the water meters. They are all not able to see past the easy fix, be it inexperience or just plain job security or in the water meters situation a hopeful tax grab.

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