Mini Me UPDATE – The Little Camera that Could and Did being Medivac’d to JVC – Cornwall Ontario – October 15, 2010

Cornwall ON – Mini Me, the Little JVC Everio that has literally taken almost every picture and video for The Cornwall Free News since its inception in 2009 is enroute to JVC headquaters.      His condition is critical, but Mario Anzini has assured us that everything that can be done to save Mini Me will be done.

I want to thank everyone who has commented, emailed, and phoned about the Little Camera that could.    He’s literally travelled thousands of miles in Canada and abroad being the eyes and ears to you our viewers.     Over one million pages have been viewed with little pieces  of his work that he has contributed to.

Ontario Strongest Man Competition at Lift Off 2010


We will be updating you further on his status and feel free to send in your Mini Me story to us at or you can call our hotline at 613.361.1755

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