Bob Kilger drawing more web traffic than Mark MacDonald in Mayor’s Race for Cornwall Ontario – How they’re doing by the number and odds – October 16, 2010

Cornwall ON – It’s almost show time!  October 25 is less than 10 days away!

As we approach our Mayor’s Debate Tuesday morning at 10:15 on (show starts at 9AM) we thought we’d crunch some of the numbers coming across my desk.

We’ve crunched some numbers across the area and via our private polling service.

For Mayor of Cornwall Ontario it’s too close to call right now or even predict.   In most polls Mark MacDonald is ahead of Cornwall Mayor Bob Kilger, including the one here on The Cornwall Free News.  However private polling tilts that a bit in the Mayors favor.

Alexa is pointing that Mayor Kilger’s website is getting a larger chunk of internet traffic ranked 16 Millionth in the world vs 20 Millionth for Mark MacDonald.

No data registers for Nicole Spahich  on Alexa.  Ms Spahich has been polling between 3-8 percent public support.

In the council race it’s becoming clear that Cornwall loves current city council and Federal Liberal hopeful Ms Bernadette Clement who is projected to finish first in all of our data and may even out poll either candidate for mayor.

From there it becomes interesting depending on the source you use for your data.

Roughly here is the rankings as of Saturday October 16th 2010.

1) Bernadette Clement

2) Denis Thibault

3) Elaine MacDonald

4) Jason Setnyk

5) Denis Carr

6) Mike Bedard

7) David Murphy

8) Maurice Dupelle

9) Andre Rivette

10) Glen Grant

Please note these are purely abstract numbers and are not meant to be endorsements.  No slight is meant to any candidate in the race.

We’ve also consulted a professional book maker and here are some odds that they’ve suggested.

Mayor’s Race

Bob Kilger 5/4   Mark MacDonald 2/1  Nicole Spahich 38,000/1


Bernadette Clement 1/10, Jason Setnyk 2/1, Maurice Dupelle 4/1, Pat Finnerty 1,500,000/1, Elaine MacDonald 1/6, Denis Thibault 1/1, Denis Carr 2/1, Pat Lalonde 9/1, Madeleine LeBrun 12/1, Mike Bedard 3/1, Leslie O’Shaughnessy 5/1, Claude Poirier 5/1, David Murphy 3/1, Glen Grant 4/1, Syd Gardiner 7/1, Andre Rivette 5/1, Mary Ann Hug 8/1, Jim Marshall 9/1,  Gary Samler 7/1, Todd Bennett 6/1

What do you think Cornwall?  You can post your comments below.

Remaining All Candidate debates reported include the one at the Library on Arts and Culture on the 20th, and the one on the Environment hosted by area Greens at the Army Navy Club on Thursday the 21st at 6:30 PM.   Both are open to the public.

to listen LIVE or via PODCAST to the Sunday Night Free For all click here.

to listen LIVE or via PODCAST to Tuesday Morning’s Mayor’s Debate click here.

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  1. I actually think your list is surprisingly really accurate with one exception, Jason Setnyk, will never come in 4 th I think more like fourteenth would sound reasonable and he is trying hard but doesn’t quite seem to get the social aspect of what a councillor represents.

    Case and point: Why is he wearing a backpack to a social function? (Bob Kilger’s Rally-Pics)

    He would be the perfect behind the scene man on someone’s campaign team but he isn’t a proper leader! Just my opinion, sorry J!

  2. I’ll put $5.00 on Nicole to show….odds please…..Regards Rob…….

  3. Put $7.00 on Pat F….to win……Mr Free News…..that will get you lunch or me a home in L.A..later

  4. Jamie
    As I mentioned before the polls you mentioned showing Bob ahead are run from back door politics. I have seen it in the past first hand. It helped a certain person become our MP as well.

    My concern in this race is Setnyk, he seems to be the next Korey the kid. He has good intentions but not the know how on how to proceed. It may be a lost vote no matter how good a person he is. Remember some of the worst atrocities occurred by someone exercising good intentions.

  5. It’s going to be Mark.
    I think the polling service you reference, has been a little too narrow in its sample.

  6. Matt: I’ll give you 2:1 that Jason Setnyk comes in…..

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