Cornwall District Labour Council invites public to meet their Endorsed Candidates – Monday October 18, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – The Cornwall District Labour Council is hosting an evening with the labour-endorsed candidates,  for the general public, their friends, supporters, and the politically curious at the Wing 424 on Water Street, from 7 to 9 pm.

Bernadette Clement

Those endorsed by the Labour Council are:  Mayor Bob Kilger.  City Council: Bernadette Clément, Madeleine Lebrun, Elaine MacDonald, André Rivette and Jason Setnyk.

Elaine MacDonald

Refreshments and entertainment.

Admission is Free.

Jason Setnyk Kilger for Mayor


  1. Honestly I have never really heard about the Cornwall District Labour Council.

    I researched the group on the internet, but it was fruitless. Even Wikepedia has no showing od what you are all about, not that it is the most trust worthy webpage. Do you people really do anything or just endorse people who support your cause?

  2. Dear Smee,
    The labour council is a network of unionized volunteers who advocate on behalf of working people, both union and non-union. Our website is We’re working on getting it on the search engines’ radar screens.

  3. Thanx Elaine
    Are the services free? I may be able to use their services. If a wrongful dismissal situation had occured and there was recorded proof could they do something about it? It happened I think about 12 yrs ago. It still happens today by the same individual

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