Letter to the Editor – Denise Levac on Huguette Burroughs & Guy Leger tribute – October 16, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

During the candidates’ debate held at the francophone luncheon on October 8th, Bob Kilger announced that he would name the councilors’ meeting room in honor of Huguette Burroughs,  as a tribute to her work as a militant for the francophones, as journalist and city councilor and for Guy Léger’s contribution to city council.

I reacted with mixed emotions to this announcement. I am elated that the memory of my dear friend is to be thus honored, but I also deplore the fact that this announcement was made during an election campaign in order to sway the votes of the approximately 75 persons present.

After all, five and half years have elapsed since Huguette passed away – there was plenty of time to set the wheels in motion for the nomination of that room.  Some of the francophone organisms have already done so – the Franco-Ontarian Society of History and Genealogy dedicated a room in her honor a few months after her death.

When Patricia O’Hara, Mark MacDonald and I organized the Cabane à Sucre Festival in 2008, we all agreed to dedicate the festival to Huguette’s memory.  Why did Mr. Kilger wait so long?  I will let you be the judge.

Denise Levac – Cornwall Ontario

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Mark McDonald

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  1. Another lack of self respect and poor judgement by Kilger
    Name a room for a woman fighting for a language that is trying to divide a country. Are you really doing what is best for the people or just trying to buy supporters of the late Mrs Burroughs.

    No class at all.

    You best hsutle your butt a little, I drove around the city on the weekend and it appears that a lot of money is on Bob’s side or at least the big homes all have his name on their front lawn. Well he and Grant anyway.

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