CN Train DERAILMENT near Summerstown Ontario – BREAKING NEWS – October 18, 2010 UPDATED 1:07 PM EST

South Glengarry ON On October 18th, at approximately 10:19am, SD&G OPP officers were dispatched to a train derailment, which occurred west of Fraser Road and east of Summerstown Rd, Cty road 27 on CN tracks located in South Glengarry Township.

OPP officers are presently at scene to determine the number of cars derailed and the product involved within the derailed cars.  The extent of the damage is unknown and police believed that there is no concern for public safety at this time.

CN Police are at scene and will be leading the investigation.

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The cause of the derailment is still under investigation however it resulted in Eighteen (18) cars being dislodged from the rails.  Three (3) of the railcars involved contain dangerous goods (Ammonium Nitrate, Sulpheric Acid and Sodium Cyanide) so as a precaution, an evacuation started totaling 9 homes on Lapierre Road but was halted once the CN Dangerous Good team arrived and confirmed there was no threat to the public.

CN employees are currently at the scene assessing the damage to the train.

The Township Roads Department is currently closing roads at the intersections of Fraser Rd & Lapierre Road as well as Fraser Road and Diversion Road.  Traffic will be rerouted until the investigation in complete.

CN Police continue with their investigation.

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  1. …ammonium nitrate, sulphuric acid and sodium cyanide. humm. Good thing it wasn’t a radioactive reactor.

  2. When sulphuric acid and sodium cyanide mix they creat a deadly gas that could have killed many people. Good thing the sulphuric acid did not spill. Our a good question is Why does transport canada allow CN to transport these chemicals next to each other in populated areas?

  3. Funny, they evacuate the houses on the downwind of the spill, a good distance away. Yet the houses that are right beside the spill are told they can stay where they are. I lived in the closest house to the spill, if those chemicals got into our well water then what?

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