Nicole Spahich Wants your Vote for Mayor Cornwall Ontario – Mini Profile VIDEO – October 18, 2010

Cornwall ON – Who the h*** is Nicole Spahich???   That’s the question asked to me most during this Cornwall Ontario municipal election and so far not too much information has been uncovered.

Ms Spahich who surprised many by announcing her candidacy has swept over our city like a warm summer breeze, and has registered as much as 10% on some local polls for mayor.

Nicole Spahich on Poverty


I had the time to sit down with Ms Spahich and talk about her a bit and her quest to become Cornwall Ontario’s first female mayor.

At the Labour Council Debate


She’s born in Quebec and has no children other than her dog named Blackie – a big Newfoundlander.  She has a long love of animals and owns a 50 acre farm where she gets the chance to go hunting and fishing being proficient with xbow and  fire arms.
Chamber of Commerce Debate
Little things  count in hunting just like in politics – every little move counts.   She challenged herself by moving to Quebec late in life to learn the language and culture.
She owns property in Valleyfield as well.
She retired from working in health care for over 30 years  in 2005, mostly in the Kirkland Lake area and   wanted to still work as a caregiver.   She volunteers for St. John’s  – and in mental health in Cornwall.   She also volunteers for the Missing Children and Missing Adults association.
Her hobbies include to – sew, design clothes, crochet, knit, needlepoint, gardening, play music,
Avid real estate investor  – model women’s entreprenuer – women’s auxiliary hospital,  Chair campaign heart and stroke foundation Kirkland lake in the 80’\s  Trustee board of ed  – Kirkland – 80s
Firm believer in education – cpr and first aid in St. Johns –
Advertising and sales – marketing  – Jewellry and cosmetics
Problem solving and management techniques – skill – Kirkland lake – family
Ms Spahich also took a tour acting including a small role in the movie M Butterfly directed by David Cronenberg and starring Jeremy Irons.
What do you think Cornwall?   Will you be voting for Ms. Spahich on October 25th, 2010 as your Mayor?
Spahich for Mayor

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