Le Journal Clarifies the Issue of its “Editorial Page” message from Mr. Roger Duplantie – Cornwall Ontario – October 21, 2010

Cornwall ON – Well there’s been quite a bit of discussion around Cornwall today about the story that appeared here after le Journal de Cornwall’s issue this week.

Mr. Roger Duplantie just sent in this for us to publish:

I would like to clarify The Journal position on this week’s issue.   First, all candidates running for election in Cornwall were approached to be part of this special section. Some took advantage of it and others didn’t.

The City of Cornwall is not and was not ask to pay for any advertisement in that section. Yes we did use the City’s logo without permission as we did not think that we needed approval. For that we are very sorry and we apologize.

Roger Duplantie – Directeur général / General Manager

Please remember to vote and please remember to bring id when you do go to vote!

Cornwall Municipal Election


  1. Nice try Roger. You knew what you were doing was wrong. I hope the city takes you to court on this. Your paper should report the news, not create it. To bad you paper doesn’t have the integrity of the CFN.

  2. If you look in this weeks edition of the Seaway news (Scuttlebutt section) you will see that Leslie O’Shaughnessy also used the Cornwall logo in his ad.

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