Four more years for Kilger Government in Cornwall Ontario – Mayor and majority of incumbents returned to office. – October 26, 2010 LISTEN LIVE TUESDAY MORNING at 9:00AM on for full coverage!

Cornwall ON –   The people decided and despite Rob Ford storming into office in Toronto and Jim Watson in Ottawa; Cornwallites decided change isn’t always the best thing giving Mayor Robert “Bob” Kilger a resounding YES to run the city for another four years.

They also as we predicted gave Ms. Bernadette Clement the most amount of votes on the evening as she was returned to Council.  It was a year for incumbents here as Elaine MacDonald, Double D Denis Thibault and Denis Carr were joined by Andre Rivette, Syd Gardiner, Glen Grant and former Councilor Leslie O’Shaughnessy.     Newcomers Maurice Dupelle joined David Murphy becoming first time councilors.

It came down to stability and growth which Cornwall has achieved in the last four years in spite of a world wide recession.   New job growth; new building growth; and new industry coming to Cornwall inhibited the desire for change although the Mark MacDonald team with the support of former Mayors Brian Lynch and Phil Poirier fought an interesting battle.

It should be interesting to see if this plays a role in the rumors of Mr. Poirier wanting to run as the Provincial candidate for the local Conservatives?

We’ll have much more on this story tomorrow as we have oodles of video to crunch and photos to process.

Please remember to listen to our coverage of the municipal election scened here in Cornwall and surrounding area on starting at 9:00 AM as we expect to have several of the candidates on the show as well.



  1. Does anyone know where the final tally can be found? I am looking for the full results including how many people actually voted. I hope it was a better turn out then past elections

  2. Author

    Hi Sharon,

    Ottawa reported only about a 40% turn out and I’ve heard similar numbers here in Cornwall. We will be publishing final totals as soon as they’re available.

  3. congrats to all who got elected.

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