Glee Does Rocky Horror Picture Show – Tuesday October 26, 2010

Cornwall ON – The Rocky Horror Picture Show came out when I was 11 years old.    Most of the cast from the movie are waaaay over 50 now, but the film and stage show will live on forever.

It’s a right of youth; of passage; of freedom and Tuesday October 26th the hit show GLEE will be having their cast do their tribute.

So far I’ve really liked the Riff Raff take, and one of the Li’l Nell’s is far more hot than the original!

So will you be watching Glee tomorrow night?    I probably will.

You can post your comment below.

Glee Cast do The Time Warp!


Check out that hottie Jayma Mays and some of the rest of the cast in the clip below.


You can watch Glee on Fox Tuesday night!

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  1. So sad I will miss this tonight. I work till 10:30 :(… But there’s this wonderful thing called the internet that will allow me to watch it by the morning!

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