Truffles Burger Bar Ups the Ante in Downtown Cornwall Ontario – Restaurant REVIEW – November 4, 2010

Cornwall ON – There’s a new place in town.  Not like the old place.   It’s got a cool vibe.  It’s sleek and the beverages flow!  I have a lot of meetings in Cornwall with clients, interviewing people, and general mingling, and there are some fine places, but the new Truffles Burger Bar at the Corner of Pitt and Second in beautiful downtown Cornwall Ontario has upped the ante.

It’s a chic mix of comfort food while at the same time being a classy and hot place to meet for a drink after work or at lunch.  At night it goes into high gear with music from DJ Angus changing the vibe.

I’ve yet to be there when the place wasn’t packed and actually had to wait for a table Friday night which is always a good sign.

The food is fresh and different.   It’s not your average burger joint.   The folks at Truffles really have attained something with their menu that offers flavour, value, and taste mixed with the focus of eating local, hand made, anti-biotic free, and organic healthier foods.

From Aligator to Seafood, or even Vegan, there are choices to make each visit interesting.    The European style fries are amazing too and with the right side of mayo take you places I’m not sure potatoes were ever dreamed of going.

The options include sweet potato fries and even a blooming onion.

So far I’ve had a Bison Burger, and the Lamb Burger.   My guests have sampled The Cross Fit burger ( Juicy burger between Portobello mushroom caps) the Texas BBQ burger and of course because he had to try it, the Alligator Burger.

The wine selection is wonderful too, with great flavours again at amazing values.   The red wine from Spain for only $15 per bottle rounded out our meal wonderfully!  Our meal for three with tax and tip was under $75 including alcohol.

We’re going to give Truffles 4 out of 5 Red Hats!

Presentation 4.5

Value 5.0

Service 4.0

Zing & Wow 4.0

Overall 4  out of 5 Red Hats

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