Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak Visits Cornwall Ontario – November 4, 2010

Cornwall ON – One gets the feeling that SD&SG is a targeted riding for the Provincial Progressive Conservatives.   Tim Hudak, the leader of the party spends enough time down here to almost get to vote and the locals seem to be appreciating it judging from the attendance last night at the Navy Club in spite of the rain and Colts game.

Mr. Hudak was here to honor the 68,000 Canadian Veterans who lost their lives in World War 1.

“I was honoured to be part of this impressive effort by kids across Canada and in Belgium to remember those who fought for our freedom during WWI. It is so important to remember and value those who have sacrificed everything to help make Canada the country it is today.”

Mr  Hudak introduced by new Mayor of  North Dundas Eric Duncan


There was a lot of fire power at the meeting.   The MP came out as did many local politicians and one sensed that there’s a race going on to see how the Provincial candidate will be.    Many are hoping that two term popular Liberal MPP Jim Brownell won’t be running in the next election giving them a window of opportunity.

Tim Hudak Speech Part 1


While much of the talk was about the new private members bill to change the Family Day pubic holiday to Remembrance Day, the main buzz was about  looking towards the October 2011 provincial elections.

Tim Hudak in Cornwall Part 3


Media Scrum


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  1. I do not want a stat holiday for Rememberence day. Now we have Vets going to the schools and planting seeds for future generations. I am for the idea of allowing time off similar to the elction rule, where you are allowed 3 consecutive hours for voting at the employers discretion.

    I have been in a crowd when Tim Hudak was speaking, and thought he came off well.

  2. So how were you named Dalton. That is my name too.

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