Ontario Teacher’s Pension Fund partner on Winning Bid for High Speed 1 Channel Link – Loonie Down – Oil Up – US$ nuts! November 5, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – The Ontario Teacher’s Pension Fund one day may own the world!   Their investments are wide ranging as is their partnership that’s just been announced to win the 30 Year contract for the 68 KM  High Speed 1  Channel link in from London to Paris and other points.

$3.4 Billion C$ was the amount it took which the British government will use to reduce its debt.  The bid was hard fought with the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan and Borealis Infrastructure Management winning over some major world wide players.

In other Canadian financial news the Loonie is down in spite of the US announcement that it’s going to buy about $500 + Billion of its own debt.   Not sure how that works….you buy your own debt with money you…..borrowed?  Printed?

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Oil prices are still projected, buffeted by concerns for the US dollar.

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