Nicolo Rizzuto GUNNED down in Montreal Home – Alleged Mob Boss end of the line for Crime Family? November 11, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – We’ve grown up watching Mob movies and the traditional way to go is violence.   The Mob Hit blazed across headlines yesterday as reputed Mob Boss of the Rizzuto Family, was gunned down in his home in Montreal.

No other parties were reported injuries and police are still investigating the murder.

Mr. Rizzuto’s murder follows that of his grandson, also Nicolo was murdered in broad daylight in 2009.    His son Vito, is due to be released from Prison in 2010 after serving time for murder.

Nicolo Rizzuto WIKI

The stream of murders, kidnapping, and arrests of the Rizzuto family most likely means the end of a the crime family as a force in Montreal and Toronto.

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  1. It’s not the end of the line! When Vito comes home he will take care of everything!

  2. Funny how…

    This crime organization originally depended on the silence of their particular immigrant community, then as they became mainstream their members became accountants and lawyers to beat the law by learning how to hide money on the one hand, and lon the other using lawyer client confidentiality to keep running the organization from behind bars …that’s using the law.

    (And that’s why I like anonymity on the net.)

    Now the group that is displacing them uses the same silence which they control in a immigrant community, and they’re really on the ball, they’re not bothering to educate their members, instead they’re recruited as minors and subject only to the youth offenders process …that’s using the law.

  3. I understand that Vito might be extradited to Italy for crimes committed there as soon as he completes his ten year sentence in the US. It looks now like the longer he stays locked up in a secure prison, the longer he will live.

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