Letter to the Editor – Earle Macpherson on Omar Khadr – November 13, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Well Canada we the taxpayers have won the lottery.  Here are the numbers
from Juristat,Statistics Canada from 2004/5 and these numbers are 5 years
old.The cost of incarcerating a Federal male prisoner in Canada is $87,665
per prisoner per year.

We will get to give food and lodging to the Jihadist terrorist Omar
Khadr who has pled guilty.The 8 years he will spend in our federal prison
system will cost us a minimum of approximately three quarters of a million
dollars to lock up this individual.

The U.S. will save a lot of money by shipping him here.I say keep him and maybe he will spend most of his sentence incarcerated instead of our system which I am sure will find some
way to have him walking our streets in a heartbeat.

Earle Macpherson – Cornwall Ontario

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  1. First of all I want to say that no one pleads guilty to a crime if they are not guilty. He pleaded guilty to a number of charges! Secondly, I think that we should leave him where he is in American hands. He and his family have made it very clear that they don’t like Americans nor Canadians. If he does come back here I think we will all have to be vigilant with this man. This killing of “infidels” is in the blood and a couple of years in jail won’t change his mind. They try to hide behind the Geneva Convention but that was for bona fide soldiers in a war and was not meant to cover Jihadist terrorists.

  2. Omar Khadr is Canadian. He was taken as a 15 year old boy, by a fanatical father, half-way around the world to a sh*t hole of a country in the middle of a civil war and a foreign invasion. He was immersed in an environment of superstition and hatred and put to work making bombs. He was grievously injured in a battle by foreigners.

    For 8 years he was held without trial. After 8 years in a foreign military prison and the prospect of 40 years more, it’s very possible that someone would make a “guilty” plea bargain.

    Had the Canadian government acted swiftly, this mess of a child soldier might have been in an institution here in Canda, where at least he would have had the rights and privileges of a citizen, and an earlier opportunity for rehabilitation and integration back to a normal society.

    I think even the most liberal children’s authorities would have kept him from his wacko mother and siblings, intead, he has been holed up with a pile of his dad’s pals in Gitmo for a third of his life.

    Now as for being screwed for the cost of keeping Khadr in jail… taxpayers have been spending $120,000 on condoms for inmates every couple of years ($3,000 for the women’s prison even).

    Perhaps we could move some of that kind of money around here and there to accommodate this young man — he’s already been screwed over.

  3. flipper: stop trying to blame everyone but the kid. Even at 15 he made the conscious decision to kill people and he did! He was happy doing it! Now let him pay for it.

  4. It’s not assigning blame at all, but just for a moment consider how everyone ended up in that place and time. Then remember, there but for fortune…

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