MPP Jim Brownell Announces That He Will Not Run in Next Provincial Election – Cornwall Ontario – November 13, 2010

Cornwall ON – MPP Jim Brownell announced that he will not be running again in the next Provincial election.    Who will be replacing him will be grist for another story.

Today we’re going to pay tribute to the two term MPP who has been loudly praised by people across many political stripes.

I personally have learned from him many things.  Work, work, more work.   No matter what the issue the solution is always to work harder and find a solution as best you can.

Jim with The Glengarry Boys

My special moment was watching Mr. Brownell at the Team Cornwall AGM last year.   He was fighting off an illness and had not been at a public appearance in awhile; but the political tiger steeled up and as his name was called and he stepped up to the podium he delivered an amazing speech.    I can well imagine how he had to dig up his reserves, but it was magnificent to watch.

The closest thing I have ever seen was watching the late Maurice Richard, even though dressed in referees stripes flip pucks top shelf during pre-game skates while I toured with the Legends team.   The spark of a true champion never dies even if time takes its toll.

We’ll be updating this tribute as the day goes by with video from his press conference at the Best Western and as they roll into our offices.  (email

In the meanwhile here are a few that have come in along with some photos and videos from Mr. Brownell’s career.

MPP Jim Brownell speaking at the Summer Company Season Ending


With Premier McGuinty

From Mayor Brian McGillis

“South Stormont is so fortunate to have, as the local Member of Provincial Parliament, Mr. Jim Brownell. I had the opportunity to serve on two consecutive terms with Jim as a  member of former Cornwall Township municipal Council. Jim was the first Reeve of South Stormont following the amalgamation of the former Cornwall and Osnabruck townships in January 1998.

Jim’s leadership has taught us the rich historic values that we share in this community, now and for generations to come. His diligent efforts in the community and region has had a positive effect for the betterment of Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry.

I feel privileged and honoured to have the opportunity to work with Jim; he is a good friend and colleague. Jim and I have continued our personal and working relationship throughout all of these years. The Brownell’s are life-long residents of South Stormont. Jim’s family are familiar faces in our community. As Mayor for South Stormont, we wish Jim, Paulette and family the very best in all their future endeavours.”

Talking to victims of abuse.

From Ms Linda Halliday of Ontario Power Generation:

“It’s clear to everyone who knows him that Jim Brownell has been a passionate and active advocate for the history of the Lost Villages for all his life.  One of the earliest members of the Lost Villages Historical Society, he has helped complete the Village and attract visitors from all over the world to it.  As the MPP for Stormont Dundas South Glengarry he has kept our part of eastern Ontario front and centre in the Provincial Legislature and has served his constituency to the best of his ability, while always staying true to his principles and beliefs.”

From Tom Manley:

“From the moment I met him, actually as an opponent in the election of 2003, I recognized a man of great energy, initiative, and community engagement. Jim impresses us all with his quick grasp of any situation, his rapid and effective intervention, and his exhaustive pursuit of the objective. In the community, Jim goes beyond any ordinary social presence. He engages substantive issues and delivers results. Thank you Jim for everything, and I look forward to your continuing contribution, at whatever level that may be.”

Tom Manley
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From the Jim Brownell WIKI PAGE:

Brownell has a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Bachelor of Education degree, and a Master of Education degree from the University of Ottawa. He was a teacher with the Upper Canada District School Board for thirty-two years. In 1992 completed the principal’s qualification program at Queen’s University. He also served for fourteen years as a councillor, deputy reeve and reeve in Cornwall Township and South Stormont Township. He has also been involved with many local organizations, including the Lost Villages Historical Society and Museum. In 2002, he was awarded a Queen Elizabeth Golden Jubilee Medalby his community.

Mr. Brownell also is an avid Art collector and fan of the Arts.   His office always has some new piece of local art especially.

Mr. Brownell defeated Todd Lalonde for his first term and Chris Savard for his second.


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  1. Raise a glass to an outstanding human being and public servant, and wish him and his family all the very best!

  2. Good bye Jim. Best of luck in the future.

  3. Jim, I’d like to thank you again, publicly, for coming to the rescue and fighting for my wife two years ago, when OHIP was giving her a hard time about her surgery. We won’t forget what you did.

    Cornwall and SD&G have been honoured to have you as our representative. Enjoy your retirement, although somehow I suspect that you will never completely retire.

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