Rock for Charity keeps on Rocking – $230 raised for the Boys and Girls Club – Cornwall Cultural Committee on Sunday November 14 – November 13, 2010

Cornwall ON – On Friday November 12th 2010 the ninth Rock for Charity was hosted at Cafe Connectionz. $230 was raised for the Boys and Girls Club, and over $2700 has been raised since Rock for Charity’s conception in March.

There was a stellar line up Friday night with acoustic sets by Kings Bishop, Geneviève Lacroix, Colin Alexander McDonald, Kenn Taylor, Keegan Larose, Roxanne Delage with Marc Carriere, and host Jason Setnyk read a piece of poetry.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada is a leading provider of qualityprograms to children and youth that supports health, physical activity, educational and social development. The mission of all Boys and Girls Clubs in Canada is to provide a safe, supportive place where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships and develop confidence and skills for life.

The next Rock for Charity is scheduled Friday December 10th 2010 again at Cafe Connectionz. “Rock for Charity X” is scheudled to feature Elite World Artist, Rodney Rivette, Lost in Production, Sara Murphy, Bud O’Byrne, and host Jason Setnyk. The tenth Rock for Charity is a benefit for the Canadian Cancer Society.

Rodney Rivette is working with Jason Setnyk in the new year to host the first ever 19+ Rock for Charity at La Maison on Friday January 7th 2011. The event will feature 4 or 5 full electric bands. It will be the first show that Rivette and Setnyk co-host together.

“It’s exciting to work with Rodney. We have both been very committed to the local music community for years and years, and we share a common goal for January 7th, to put on a great show to raise money for charity”.

Rodney Rivette is also working with Jason Setnyk, Jeff Brunet, and Jamie Gilcig and others to form the Cornwall Cultural Committee. The C3 is having it’s first ever meeting, an organizational meeting, on Wednesday November 17th 2010 at 7pm at La Maison (900 Montreal Road near St. Lawrence College in Cornwall).

According to Setnyk, “Culture and Arts are an important part of our community. Organization and lobbying has worked for local hockey and football, and organization and lobbying can work for culture and arts too! Lets get organized, research, fund-raise, and create! Cornwall needs a multiple use arts and culture centre!”

Call in Toll Free Sunday nightat 1.877.640.1175  and have your say as the Cornwall Cultural Committee will be on the second segment of the Free For All on   The show starts at 7:30 PM EST.


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  1. Other commitments deem that I cannot be at the meeting on the 17th however I have sent out a note to people that I know interested in the Arts. Cornwall definitely needs a multiple use Arts and Culture Center. Hoping and praying that the people in attendance can move us closer to realizing this goal sooner rather than later. I would be pleased to help in making this happen.

  2. Here’s the scoop, I just got my $100 nomination deposit back from the city and I’ll gladly sign it over to the Boys and Girls Club (it’s signed by Bob Kilger but I think it’ll go through anyway), and if I get a receipt I’ll double it with another $100 cheque with my signature on it.

    Just tell me where to drop it off, or have one of the organizers drop by the house today.

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