Melanie MacDonald of the General Electryk gets in one last gig at Schnitzels in Cornwall Ontario before Heading to Australia – November 19, 2010

Cornwall ON – Melanie MacDonald of the General Electryk must be one tired woman!   With fellow band mate Angus enroute to Australia for their six month tour she managed to squeeze in one last solo gig at Schnitzels European Flavours last night. ( 158 Pitt Street in Cornwall Ontario 613.938.8844)

She was tiny, a singer in a corner; her guitar and voice facing off against a roomful of people enjoying a night of drinks and companionship.

In the meanwhile you’ll have to visit their website or pick up their new CD, Petty Little Things, to hear them for the next few months.

Safe travelling!

KAV Productions Choose Cornwall Schnitzels

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  1. Thanks Jamie, I had a great night. Thanks to Cornwall freenews for the ongoing support, will miss yas! Albums are available at melody music, strung out guitars, pommier jewelers and flowers Cornwall. Merry Christmas, happy listening! Xo

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