Collecting Christmas Cards for Troops in Afghanistan 2010 by Richard Komorowksi – November 20, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – Last year at this time, we ran a story about one Cornwall lady who works tirelessly as Christmas approaches, collecting Christmas cards, letters and donations for our troops in Afghanistan.
This year, Joy Clement, of the Pop Shoppe at Pitt and Emma, is once more gearing up to let the troops know we at home genuinely care about them and will be thinking about them over Christmas.

Christmas 2010 marks the third time that Joy is taking on this mammoth “Letters to our Troops” project. Like last year, neither of her sons, Jeffrey or Michel, is in Afghanistan for Christmas, although the youngest, Michel, has recently returned from the country.

The letters, cards and small gifts are becoming a tradition for our troops overseas, and are an important link to home. For Joy, it means a lot of hard work, getting everything together, but it is well worth the effort, judging from the many letters she receives, thanking her for her efforts.

If you want to bring your gifts or have any questions, just drop by the Pop Shoppe. Remember, too, that the sooner you can bring your gift, the easier it will be for Joy and her family getting everything ready before the deadline.

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