WINTER OVERNIGHT PARKING REGULATIONS for Cornwall Ontario Into Effect as of November 15, 2010


Cornwall ON – The winter overnight parking regulation has been in effect since November 15th and will continue until April 1st, 2011.  This regulation permits the City’s snow-removal teams to work to keep your roads safe and clear for motorists, public transportation and pedestrians.

If your vehicle is left parked on street after 1 a.m. and until 7 a.m., you are subject to receive a $25.00 fine under the City of Cornwall by-law Winter Parking restriction.  If the City deems it necessary to have your vehicle towed, you will be responsible for the tow fees and the cost of the by-law infraction.

Please ensure that your vehicle is not parked on the street during this time.

The Cornwall Community Police Service reminds our citizens of our vision:  “A safer Cornwall, reducing crime always”.

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