Cornwall ON – Local Chiropractor, Dr. Thorin Gault wants to make sure your children don’t grow up with the same problems their parents suffer from. On Nov. 25th Gault Family Chiropractic will be hosting a Spinal Posture screening, free to all children under the age of 18.
Dr. Gault will be joining a group of dedicated and motivated doctors from 14 countries around the world who are a part of the chiropractic leadership group X-CELS that will be participating in the World Spine Day. Dr. Gault will follow the spinal screening with a free Posture workshop which will be open to the public.
“We know that stress and trauma can lead to poor posture which in turn can result in aches, pains and health problems down the road. Unfortunately it has been my experience that our modern lifestyle is creating major postural abnormalities in even very young children. Fortunately, small changes in behavior during youth can save that child from years of suffering in adulthood,” stated Dr. Gault.
Interested parents may contact Gault Family Chiropractic at 613-932-8111 to book an appointment for their child. There will also be updates posted at They are encouraged to bring their full backpack to be included in the screening. Tips on stretching, exercises and backpack safety will be provided.
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