Santa Coming to Cornwall Ontario Again – Saturday November 27 1:00 – 3:00 PM by Richard Komorowski

Cornwall ON – I’ve just received word from Santa that he will be visiting Cornwall this coming Saturday, November 27.   He’s been invited by his good friend and helper Constable Tom MacKay, of the Cornwall Community Police Service.

This time the venue will be right in front of the Cornwall Police Building, at 340 Pitt, between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. Santa himself will be there from 1:00 pm to 3:00pm before he has to return to the North Pole to continue getting ready for Christmas.

There are all sorts of activities planned. The Cornwall Fire Department will be on hand with Spark the Dog, their mascot. They’re going to help all the kids decorate a huge twenty foot Christmas tree. Everyone is encouraged to bring along an ornament for the tree, as long as it is unbreakable.

Christmas music will play the whole time, and various activities are planned. Home Depot will be along to help with a workshop for any of the youngsters who want to build something for Christmas, and refreshments will be available. A magician will come around, and they’ll be cookie decorating and Christmas ornament painting.

Constable MacKay, who comes originally from Alexandria, has been on the Cornwall Community Police Force for three years. One of the great aspects of Cornwall, he says, is that Cornwall is much more than just a small city. “It’s a true community, where people are always coming together to help each other, whatever the need.”

This is the first year for the “Christmas for Cornwall” event, which Constable MacKay promises will take place annually. He’s been working solidly for the last two months to make this project a success, and next year he hopes people will offer to help.

Anyone who can is encouraged to drop off a gift for the toy drive, as well as snowsuits or other suitable articles of winter clothing. The United Way will also be on hand, collecting for the Cornwall Boys and Girls Club. Gifts and donations can also be dropped off at the Cornwall Community Police Station.

Anyone with any questions can contact Tom MacKay at 613.933.5000, ext. 2789, or at 613.551.7878.

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