So should Chambers of Commerce Weigh into Partisan Politics? Take our POLL – November 24, 2010 – Cornwall Ontario

Cornwall ON – So I was having this chat about what the goals are for a chamber of commerce.   I’m running for the board of our Chamber here in Cornwall and of course a multitude of issues come up.

In a perfect world we all vote for the right reason.  In the real world it rarely ever happens that way.  Partisan politics enter the fray; if you belong to the same service clubs; if you went to school together and know each other your whole lives; even where you go to worship.

So I thought I’d throw this poll out and let you our valued and intelligent viewer weigh into this topic.

Feel free to post your comments below.

Should Chambers of Commerce Send Out Partisan Political Messages?

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  1. The Chamber of Commerce is the voice of the business community. It should use it’s mandate to lobby the government in power regardless of who the government is.

  2. Author

    I agree Paul!

  3. I imagine the membership should decide. The Chamber should be looking out for business concerns, similar to less red tape, cheaper licensing, fair return of services for taxes stc. and that may wade into politics. However, publically choosing candidates would be trouble.

    I do use the better business bureau reports for shopping upon occasion, do they have a stand on this?

  4. Hello,

    The Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors should approve any and all media releases that lobby the government. It is not the mandate of the Chamber to exact political leverage and by choosing sides in a political debate and these action could cause internal waves. However, the chamber does need to represent the best interests of our community and must voice their concerns provincially, federally and municipally.

    This call to action letter which is one of many in the last few years, by the chamber, is adequate and I am sure our business community supports the Chamber fully. As do I. However, I do have one concern or question. During my campaign for municipal office I was told continuously that the property tax burden placed on local businesses was in fact extremely high!

    Has the Chamber ever written or documented any letter to Cornwall City Hall about the high rate of property taxes that burden local business and make it less enticing and profitable to be an entrepreneur?

    My worry is that we would demand progress from the province and federal governments but are too afraid to lobby our own municipalities! If we are to weigh in on partisan politics it must be consistently and professionally adhered to at all times and with full support from its membership!

    Thank You,
    Mike Bedard

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